Paris Hilton Performs a Public Service on I Get That A Lot

There’s a new show that I hadn’t even heard of until my partner and I were channel surfing and saw Jeff Probst from Survivor working at a grocery store. We found out it’s a new show called I Get That A Lot where celebrities attempt to go under the radar and fool patrons of whatever place they’re “working” at for the day and when they’re asked if they’re the [insert celebrity here] they say something to the effect of “Yeah, I get that a lot.” We also saw Jessica Simpson work at a computer store which was oddly hilarious, considering the fact that I usually cannot stand Jessica Simpson.

I just came across the clip of Paris Hilton on the show, working at a gas station. It is completely awesome especially since she gives a woman $5 because she went in to get $1.65 worth the gas and when she thanked Paris and said that she had a really bad day and just really needed that, Paris filled up her whole tank! Awww!

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