Make Your Partner Shiver with this Twenty-Two Point Pinwheel — Review

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  1. Having the pinwheel used on my back, arms and legs makes me shiver with barely contained glee. On hands and feet it is squirmingly unbearable. You could of course use the wheel directly on genitals (gently, please!) but that would require a constitution stronger than the one I possess.

    Even if you are not a big fan of painful sensations, you’ll like the occasional use of the pinwheel for a deliciously strong contrast to typical loving touches. After you roll the pinwheel across your partner’s skin, kiss the trail.

    I’m betting you’ll hear happy, appreciative sighs.

  2. Jennifer says:

    These are, indeed nasty. I like to bind my7 boytfriend and run it slowly up and down hos dick. The more you repeat over the same area, the nastier it is. You should check out the pinwheels at Rupert Huse. His are embellishments of yours and are nastier. Use the larger on the chest, whil;e reminding him to conecentrate on what it will feel like on his dick. The anticiopatiun will drive him crazy.

  3. Mistress O. says:

    Ouch! I heard they make these for electosex as well. You haven’t felt anything like this before! Very exciting. The pinwheel is a thrill and with the added electric sensation…give it a try.

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