Make Your Partner Shiver with this Twenty-Two Point Pinwheel — Review

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Pinwheel My boyfriend and I like to experiment with a lot of different types of sex toys; the way we see it, if you haven’t tried it there is no knowing if you’ll like it or not and so we shop frequently for toys that will bring something new and exciting to the bedroom. We recently added a small pinwheel to our collection of toys. Upon first glance, this twenty-two point pinwheel is scary. Not only that, but I was scared of it. What you initially see before purchasing the pinwheel is not what you really expect, as sometimes pictures can look a little more intense than the actual toy itself, but the pinwheel was everything it looks to be and more.

Taking the pinwheel out of its packaging, I very hesitantly glided my finger over the wheel fully equipped with steel points–twenty-two of them to be exact, and my first reaction was to quickly get my hand away from it. The feeling of it is intense and not what I expected in the least. Showing it to my boyfriend, I told him how our new toy may be a little too scary for me to be able to indulge in with him, but he just saw that as a challenge, as he does with pretty much everything and dropped the subject. Little did I know, he had some other plans with it.

Being the protector that he is, and knowing that I was afraid to introduce our new toy to our bedroom, we played around with it for a bit before re-introducing it to me. He explained that he literally tried to break his skin open with it to see if it was possible. By touching the pinwheel you would immediately believe that it could not only pierce, but go through your flesh and cause some major injury, but he assured me that while he was testing it out on his arm he could not get it to break the skin, and he then explained that it was the positioning of the points which made that possible. If the points were a little more spaced out, he said that it would definitely go through the skin, but it is set up to be completely safe for all partners. Knowing this information settled me into the idea of the pinwheel.

After getting over the initial shock of it’s intimidating, stainless steel appearance, the pinwheel could very well become an asset in your bedroom. It gives you a full body sensation I am willing to bet you have never had the pleasure of feeling before. For most couples, I would say not to start off foreplay with it, as it is a bit intimidating even to the touch if you are not already worked up, but after a little foreplay, run it over the back and chest of your partner and they will be squealing in delight!

The pinwheel also comes with a sheath, which you can either purchase with the wheel or separately. I would definitely recommend purchasing the set, especially if you are like me and keep your toys in one box or container so it isn’t so exposed and out in the open for everyone to see. If you reach your hand into your box without your pinwheel being covered, you are most likely going to prick your finger on the wheel and think that you have some crazy creature hiding in your box.

Overall, I have to say the pinwheel is an intimidating toy at first, but after a little warming up, it is a handy tool to have around either for BDSM couples or even for those who prefer a more sensitive touch. It is definitely fun and something not to be overlooked if you’re craving a new sensation.


I received the twenty-two point pinwheel for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Make Your Partner Shiver with this Twenty-Two Point Pinwheel — Review”

  1. Having the pinwheel used on my back, arms and legs makes me shiver with barely contained glee. On hands and feet it is squirmingly unbearable. You could of course use the wheel directly on genitals (gently, please!) but that would require a constitution stronger than the one I possess.

    Even if you are not a big fan of painful sensations, you’ll like the occasional use of the pinwheel for a deliciously strong contrast to typical loving touches. After you roll the pinwheel across your partner’s skin, kiss the trail.

    I’m betting you’ll hear happy, appreciative sighs.

  2. These are, indeed nasty. I like to bind my7 boytfriend and run it slowly up and down hos dick. The more you repeat over the same area, the nastier it is. You should check out the pinwheels at Rupert Huse. His are embellishments of yours and are nastier. Use the larger on the chest, whil;e reminding him to conecentrate on what it will feel like on his dick. The anticiopatiun will drive him crazy.

  3. Ouch! I heard they make these for electosex as well. You haven’t felt anything like this before! Very exciting. The pinwheel is a thrill and with the added electric sensation…give it a try.

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