Looking for That Perfect Small Gift for Someone Special? Send a Sock Gram

Sock Grams It can be quite the challenge to find that perfect, small gift for a particular occasion. Graduation gifts, parent and grandparent holidays, birthdays, baby showers; we have all found ourselves in the middle of a shop, trying to find a great gift and scratching our heads. This great little thing called a Sock Gram now makes sending a little something a whole lot easier.

Sock Grams were created out of the desire to send a greeting to someone along with a small gift–novelty socks being that small gift.

Sock Grams Halloween socks Novelty socks fit practically any occasion at all; they can be cute, humorous, fashionable, fun and always super cozy and appreciated. I was sent a Sock Gram and yes, it is every bit as cute and cozy as I first thought they would be. My Sock Gram came just in time for the fall season to start and they are Halloween-themed, which is great because I am severely lacking super cute Halloween socks. Not only are they black and green-striped with a Frankenstein’s monster face on them, but they are also toe socks and who does not absolutely adore cute toe socks?

My aunt always gets me a few pairs of cute cat socks, since we’re both cat people, for holidays and I always wear them until they have holes in them and they’re falling apart. Obviously, the concept behind Sock Grams is something I can completely get behind. Sending a Sock Gram is super easy, just pick out the pair (or pairs) of socks you would like to send and then choose a card from the vast collection stocked on the website. Sock Grams will ship your greeting and gift in tissue paper and their signature durable, waterproof, blue metallic envelope, along with a small packet of foot balm.

Sock Gram Halloween sock

I’ll definitely have my Halloween Sock Gram toe socks on this Halloween while I watch all the old classic horror movies I love!

This Product Was a Free Giveaway from Sock Grams through Tomoson. All opinions expressed throughout this post are 100% mine.

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