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Personality-Packed Potting Benches for Your Fall Garden

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With fall just around the corner, we’re really starting to look forward to all the things the season of change brings with it, most notably across the landscape. Fall is the most visually stunning season of them all, especially here in Northeast Pennsylvania. So as we patiently wait for the leaves to begin to shift and fall into a blanket of reds, oranges, and yellows, we have grown a little obsessed with scoping out inspiration for fall gardens and rustic outdoor spaces. Marveling at the spaces that have been meticulously set up by some particularly crafty and clever people is awe-inspiring. We can’t get enough of this home decor porn! One detail we have seen featured and immediately fell in love with is the potting bench.

Potting benches are a versatile, decorative workspace that make it easy to organize and elevate your outdoor space. In a recent collaboration with MODE, we rounded up some choice potting benches that would make a perfect addition to anyone’s fall garden.

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Check out Personality-Packed Potting Benches for Your Fall Garden

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12 thoughts on “Personality-Packed Potting Benches for Your Fall Garden”

  1. I don’t have green thumb but these benches are so adorable. I love the concept of adding some life into them through color and design.

  2. I’ve just forwarded this to my cousin who’s been into potting lately. I’ve never done it myself so I couldn’t really get too excited about it but I love the pics! Makes it look so inviting!

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