Petco Repeat Delivery Makes Stocking Up on Pet Essentials Easier Than Ever #PetcoDelivers

Petco Repeat Delivery
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  1. Heather says:

    Having pet supplies delivered is a great idea! Thanks for sharing this tip 🙂

  2. Elizabeth O. says:

    Wow! This service is very convenient especially for people who are busy during the week. I love that you can have food delivered for your pet. That’s awesome!

  3. This would be a real time saver! Although I rarely run out of pet essentials, this repeat delivery service would take a chunk off my “worry list.” Thanks for letting me know.

  4. T. Michelle says:

    I’m not a pet owner, but I need to share this info with my sister who is. She’d love the convenience of this service.

  5. Stacy Kripas says:

    This would be easy for me and my pets. I’ll have to check it out. So glad you shared it.,

  6. Rosey says:

    I love the idea of repeat deliveries. Especially true if you live in the country. Even more true if you live in the country in a cold state!

  7. Lynz says:

    What a great idea! I will have a look at them and see if I can use it for my Hank 🙂

  8. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This is a great idea to have repeat delivery for any animal owner. It is indeed so convient and you don’t have to worry about running out of anything. These are all adorable pictures of cats. Thanks for sharing the cuteness.

  9. Ave says:

    We don’t have pets, but this service is amazing! Have to share this with my friends who own pets. I’d need this kind of repeat delivery for cleaning products.

  10. We don’t have pets but have been considering getting a dog. I will definitely keep this is mind if we do! Thanks!

  11. Nicole Escat says:

    I love it when shops deliver. I don’t have a pet, though, but I will share this with my friends.

  12. This is such a great idea. Petco really hit a home-run with a delivery plan. My daughter has two pets and could benefit from this service.

  13. Melisa says:

    What a great idea! I have cats coming out my ears, so this would be a great service for me.

  14. Babita says:

    I bet this is great news for all those who have pets. I don’t have any pets, but my friends do. I am sure they would love this service.

  15. Ayesha Heart says:

    Wow! This is very convenient 🙂 Thumbs up!
    This is perfect as I am a dog lover <3

  16. I have been wondering about the repeat delivery system. The discount and convenience looks like a win!

  17. marianne says:

    I’m a huge fan of delivery for any product. If I didn’t have a Petco literally around the corner from my house I would be totally psyched to take advantage of this program.

  18. aurora says:

    Woah! Now I don’t need to go to the store!

  19. I am a big fan of scheduled deliveries for things that need to be purchased every month. I need to get on this for dog food and other pet supplies.

  20. Diane says:

    I had no idea you can have it delivered plus schedule it too. That’s great! I have 3 dogs and we can really go through the dog food. I hate carrying those big bags from the store, this would be so much easier.

  21. Farrah says:

    Well, that’s pretty awesome! I never thought about ordering Petco. I’ll keep this in mind since we are thinking about getting a dog soon.

  22. It is always nice to find places and brands that really care about the customers. I’m glad they now deliver.

  23. luke thomas says:

    Nice to know! With three cats and two dogs, having a specific scheduled date is so convenient. Thanks for sharing!

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