Peter Rabbit Organics: Healthy, 100% Organic Fruit Snack Pouches for Your Little Ones

Peter Rabbit Organics

Every parent is concerned about what is going into their child’s bellies and even more-so, the quality of what is going into their child’s bellies. That is precisely the reason why it has become the gospel to buy organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. But while you can be sure to purchase organic where it counts and provide your family with nutritious and healthy meals, when it comes to snacks, we very often disregard the health factor and go with the flow of convenience. Luckily, there are a few reputable companies making delicious snacks that your kids will fall in love with, even if they’re the type to run away from you screaming when you take a piece of fruit out of a lunch box for them to munch on.

Peter Rabbit Organics is a small, privately-owned company who were inspired by their own families to create a delicious and healthy snack that kids love. Already a hit with British children, Peter Rabbit Organics’ healthy fruit puree in a pouch has been introduced in the United States within the past year and from my experience, it is sure to come as a breath of fresh air to parents who can’t get their children to snack on fresh fruits, or even for your significant other who still turn their nose up at an apple.

The Peter Rabbit Organics pouches are super convenient for busy parents who want to give the kids something to snack on while riding in the car without having to clean up a huge mess that has been sloshing around for the last twenty miles, packs perfectly in lunch boxes, diaper bags, and purses, and provides a little fun with their snack as they squeeze, squish, and slurp from the pouch. It also has a no-choke cap, specifically designed for little ones who like to experiment with putting everything in their mouths just to see what happens.

Peter Rabbit Organics

The Peter Rabbit Organics pouches come in three different flavors–strawberry and banana, mango, banana, and orange, and apple and grape. What’s great about these is that the words on the front of the pouch are the true ingredients; there is no artificial flavoring or an extensive list of chemicals to get the puree the color or taste it is; it is simply and delightfully organic fruit that is completely healthy. There isn’t even water or fillers, making it more nutritious and ensuring that you are getting all of the nutrients your body needs from it.

We definitely enjoyed this snack in my house. My first thought when trying it for the first time was that it really was fruit I was tasting–the real fruit you would pick up and bite into, but in a puree that I could slurp and because I have a dental condition that makes it so that I cannot bite into or chew extremely hard or chewy foods, eating fresh fruits that are generally hard, such as apples, is out of the question, so this was a great way for me to enjoy my fruit and not aggravate my teeth. And yes, I’m a grown woman, so Peter Rabbit Organics are not just for the kiddos. In fact, I was only able to enjoy one of the fruit puree pouches because within three days my partner had went through the six pouches we had. While I had been excited to make a sorta-kinda Italian ice with a few of the pouches, an idea I completely stole from one of my favorite blogs, Momspective, I didn’t have the time to do so because they were gone before I realized ‘Oh yeah, I can make an Italian ice treat!’

Needless to say, these pouches were a huge hit and a phenomenal source of fruit for the entire family.

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