#PhotoaDayMay: A Favorite Word

Photo a Day May A Favorite Word

This was a pretty difficult prompt for me today, which is why I’m just now writing this post. I needed time to think! Sure, “a favorite word” sounds simple enough, until I realized I don’t necessarily have a favorite word. I’m a fan of words in general, but I don’t tend to latch onto words or develop some sort of connection or emotional attachment to a particular word or group of words. So I basically spent the day periodically thinking of words that inspire me in one way or another.

Revolution is an extremely inspiring word to me. Deeply rooted in my mind as a state of political being, it reminds me of the greatest recent case of widespread activism, that being the Occupy Wall Street protests, which I have been a major supporter of. As a whole, this word reminds me of the greatness that can happen when people come together to demand the rights that they are entitled to on a fundamental human level.

If you want to join in, check out the May Photo a Day Challenge List.

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