Piggy Paint Finally Makes Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly Nail Polish a Reality

Piggy Paint Any parent knows that young children mimic the adults in their lives and that goes double for daughters. If you’re getting a manicure or just lounging around in front of the television painting your nails in the mere vicinity of your daughter, you know it’s a matter of mere moments before they are asking for their nails to be done too.

Understandably, a lot of parents are weary about applying nail polish to the fingernails of their children. Children have a tendency to bite their fingernails and standard nail polishes are loaded with all sorts of chemicals. Definitely not something you want on your children’s fingers!

Piggy Paint has made a safe, water-based, non-toxic, odorless nail polish completely safe for children. I was absolutely thrilled to discover Piggy Paint because we all know what an inconvenience it is to have to put up with the odor of standard nail polishes and when there’s a foul odor, chances are whatever is giving off that odor isn’t the safest of products. Because Piggy Paint is water-based, you can officially say goodbye to foul nail polish odors and toss your worries about inhaling toxic fumes or ingesting toxic chemicals if you or your daughter bite your nails or scrape the nail polish off with your teeth (I know, I’ve been there.)

Piggy Paint Coming in a variety of colors and also adorable gift packs with equally as adorable names like Girls Rule! and Toe-Tally Fancy, Piggy Paint is everything I was expecting and more. The only minor problem I have had with their nail polishes is that the color chipped very easily, but it is explained on the website that because Piggy Paint nail polishes are water-based, it does take longer for it to dry and harden on your fingernails and if you run into the problem of the color chipping too easily for your liking, it is recommended that you use a blow dryer on warm/low heat on your finger nails for a full 60 seconds after applying. Piggy Paint also has non-toxic, odorless, and hypoallergenic nail polish remover, so they really do attend to all of your nail polish needs!

Piggy Paint gift packs make excellent gifts or even a small, sweet surprise the next time you’re painting your nails and your daughter demands that she must have pretty nails too. I put a Piggy Paint nail polish in each of my stepdaughter’s Easter baskets this year, so you really can purchase these for just about anything and they will be an absolute treasure to both you and your children. Even better, no one can complain that the stench from your nail polish is making them nauseous.

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  1. Due to me having a strong like for nail polish my 2yr old has developed one as well. It’s really good to know that there is actually a polish out there that is safe enough for her to use. Great information.

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