Oh, How Pinteresting: Desserts in Jars

I started using Pinterest a few weeks ago after seeing quite a few people on Twitter talking about how great it is. And it really is. Pinterest is an awesome place to get ideas; for your personal style, for DIY projects, for your garden, for damn near pretty much anything. Most recently, I have been pinning a whole lot of images of delectable-looking foods. Mostly desserts and specifically, desserts in jars. I don’t know what it is about them. Cakes and pies look delicious on their own, but when you bake them in jars, they look that much better.

The lattice tops on these peach pies are insanely cute. I especially love how you can see the juice from the fruits inside coming out over the top of the crust.

Neapolitan cake, complete with swirled chocolate, vanilla and strawberry frosting. While they are a bit out-of-focus, I am loving those small wooden spoons. They seem quite fitting when eating cake out of a jar.

Lemon meringue pie and let me ask you, how downright amazing does that meringue look!?

Layered cupcakes in a jar. It is really surprising just how easily you can make these. Even I can make these and I am a disaster in the kitchen most of the time.

S’mores cake; the colors in those jars practically scream ‘Halloween!’ to me. I hope it isn’t too early for me to be talking Halloween already!

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11 thoughts on “Oh, How Pinteresting: Desserts in Jars”

    1. I really love it! And of course after putting this post up, I got sucked right back into the site and spent a good long time pinning things!

    1. You definitely should! It is a ton of fun and it never ceases to keep me entertained. If you need an invite to join the site (it’s currently invite-only) let me know and I’ll email you one!

  1. This desserts look really impressive. I never made a dessert in a jar before. But i thing i will try it. I like the peach pie the most. This will be an eye catcher on my next birthday party. Thank you for the tipps.

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