Oh, How Pinteresting: Perfect Fall Fashions

We have already established that I really, really love fall and the last time I did an Oh, How Pinteresting linkup I put together some of my favorite things about the season. This time, let’s talk about all of the great things to wear during fall when finally, the humidity is gone, the air is brisk and it’s official the season of the amazing sweater.

I am so completely and utterly in love with this sweater. It looks unbelievably cozy and I especially love the really wide arms.

Source: polyvore.com via Holly on Pinterest

The ruffle neck on this dark orange shirt does a ton to make a simple pair of jeans and a cardigan look way more put-together and polished. I don’t normally wear anything with ruffles of any sort, but I could try to make an exception with something like this.

Everything about this outfit is awesome. The green, blue and orange color scheme just epitomizes fall for me and I’m a big fan of simple ballet flats. Not to mention, how comfortable does that scarf look?

Source: polyvore.com via Holly on Pinterest

I pinned this image purely for the sweater. Nothing else about this outfit appeals to me in the least–I think that purse is hideous and I wouldn’t wear those boots, but the sweater just grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go.

Source: polyvore.com via Holly on Pinterest

This seems like more of a transitional outfit from summer into fall given the colors in the jewelry and clutch as well as the fact that there’s only a tank top under that sweater and no arm coverings. Nevertheless, I like it a lot.

Source: polyvore.com via Holly on Pinterest

While I obviously really like all of the fall outfits I posted so far, this is my absolute favorite of them all. The orange trench coat, the super comfy-looking sweater, the awesome handbag, and we cannot forget those shoes. It’s just all complete perfection.

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