Oh, How Pinteresting: Stunning Window Seats

I have always had a thing for window seats. They are just incredibly gorgeous, yet simple and versatile. They can either be tucked away in a corner where you can create your own little nook that is blissfully yours, or they can be made the focal point of the entire room. Whatever you choose, regardless of how big or small, tucked away or out in the open, you simply just can’t go wrong with a good window seat; at least not in my book. Plus, there is really nothing I would love more than to have a cozy window seat in at least one room in my house where I can hang out, read a book and stare out the window at my surroundings.

I would love to see a larger picture of this entire space, but the window seat is spectacular. I love that it extends out to the sides filling the entire nook with seating in front of the large bay windows.

I really love this idea for a window seat at the landing of a staircase between floors. It’s like a little surprise you didn’t expect to see when walking upstairs. A great idea for a space that is typically pretty difficult to decorate with an actual purpose in mind.

This playroom makes me happy. The striped walls, the complimentary pillows and window seat cushion all playing off of the colors in the walls, and especially the pocket areas beneath the window seat. The bins for loose items are really smart considering kids aren’t organized, so the bins make clean-up super quick and the room looks organized even if you know it really isn’t.

This is just several different layers of awesome. A window seat-bed with a trundle bed underneath. Space-saving and monstrously cute!

Source: decorpad.com via Holly on Pinterest

Another playroom window seat, this one centered between two built-in bookshelves, which I also love! Built-in bookshelves are another thing I lust after when it comes to interior design.

Source: bhg.com via Holly on Pinterest

Let’s face it, built-in window seats are stunning, but not everyone can just build a window seat into the room of their choice (but wouldn’t it be awesome if we all could?) That is why I love this one so much; it’s the non-window seat window seat. It makes window seats possible where there was no possibility before. Just by topping a strong and sturdy trunk with a comfy cushion and a few throw pillows you can create a beautiful space in front of any window in the house.

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  1. shoops i love the window nooks. looks like an amazing place and pretty cozy too. great mix of elegance combined with some high fashioned interior design.

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