How to Plan Your Honeymoon: Check the Weather First


Can you imagine anything more disheartening than spending the first week of your life as a Mrs. stuck inside of your hotel room because of bad weather? Yes, many brides-to-be get excited about planning their honeymoons and put careful thought into every painstaking detail…except the weather.

This is not to say that you have any control over Mother Nature. But there is a little thing called the Internet that will help you to do some preemptive planning to choose a honeymoon locale that is likely to be beautiful the month that you get married. Don’t forget to do your homework and check out the average weather conditions before traveling on your honeymoon!

A vacation destination’s busy season is normally the time of the year that the area has the best weather. It only makes sense! Some locations like the Caribbean and Hawaii don’t have dramatic weather changes throughout the year, making it easier to visit these locales throughout all of the seasons besides just the summer months.

You can check out the weather details about a specific destination online or even call the country’s tourism board to confirm. Make sure to check the weather forecast before traveling, just in case a tropical storm is set to hit the day you arrive.

You can also use the helpful guide below to find exotic honeymoon locations that normally have great weather in the following months:

  • January through March: In winter and early spring, it’s best to visit the Bahamas, Brazil, Canada (for skiing), the Caribbean, New Zealand, the Florida Keys, and Hawaii.
  • April through June: In late spring and early summer, check out the Bahamas, Canada, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Hawaii, Thailand, and even South Africa.
  • July through September: As the summer wraps up, this is perhaps the most popular season for taking a honeymoon. Most of the world is your oyster, but check out popular destinations like Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Central Africa, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Thailand, and the US.
  • October through December: This is an excellent time of year to check out the US and Canada for skiing, the Caribbean, Mexico, New Zealand, and the Florida Keys.

By doing your homework before jet setting off to your honeymoon, you can ensure that you enjoy every moment of your new marital bliss to the fullest. That doesn’t mean that you can’t visit other locations outside of the guidelines above, but make sure that you are vacationing in a country where the weather conditions match the style of honeymoon that you have booked.

If you want to go skiing, check that there is ample snowfall in advance. If you want to sip margaritas and lay on the beach all day long, then look for a country with warm weather and sunshine for most of the year.


4 thoughts on “How to Plan Your Honeymoon: Check the Weather First”

  1. I dont plan on going on my honeymoon BUT I do plan on going to Thailand soon and checking the weather ahead of time is a good idea. Its just I’m going to be going for a few months so there wont be anything I can do about it 😀

  2. Yeah, that’s one of the most important things to remember. Even if you’re going to a tropical country, you should still check the weather because it isn’t nice to go on your honeymoon in the wet season and spend two weeks in the rain. If you’re looking for a reliable weather all year round, then consider arid or semi-arid places such as Aruba.

  3. I am in the process of planning my honeymoon right now and what you also have to look out for in certain locations is hurricane season. While it may not directly affect you, it could bring lots of rain and clouds and just an overall bad time. I am planning on sticking to the Caribbean and have already narrowed down some amazing looking places where the weather is supposed to be favorable year round.

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