Planning Your Big Day: Wedding Registries

wedding registry kitchen items There are a lot of things to consider when planning your wedding and let’s face it, who can ignore the fact that there are presents involved?

Women have a tendency to over think pretty much everything regarding their wedding day; the term “bridezilla” didn’t come out of the sky, you know, and setting up your wedding registry is no different. There are some simple things you can do, however, to make the process of setting up your wedding registry.

First of all, start with the room you get the most excited about when you think about getting shiny, new things for it. If it’s your bedroom, go to the bedroom and take a look around. Take note of what you already have (and like) and think about what you’ve been wanting to add to the room that you haven’t already. If you have some items, like myself, that maybe your parents or your soon-to-be spouse’s parent’s handed down to you, would you like to update them? If so, in what colors or styles? Make a list of items you need as well as what you would like–It’s okay to be a little frivolous; in fact, it’s expected.

After you’ve finished with the room that you get the most excited about, move through the house in the order of what rooms give you that warm and fuzzy feeling and rooms that you would love some new gadgets for. However, it is also expected that you will forget some items that you’ll be kicking yourself later for not adding to your registry, so to help out with setting up your wedding registry, I Do Sugar, part of the Sugar blog network, has made a very convenient wedding registry [PDF] containing items that one can most often easily forget about to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

You can download the file here; I can’t even imagine the number of sanities this file is going to save when it comes to wedding registry planning!

29 thoughts on “Planning Your Big Day: Wedding Registries”

  1. I would say that
    1) Developing a budget saves a lot of stress
    2) Decide what YOU want before you start talking to family members and your bridal party. Otherwise, everyone has some kind of problem with your choices.
    3) Take care of everything as soon as you can. Make your favors early, make your programs early, anything that can be done in advance, do it! Don’t waste too much time and then spend the week before your wedding scrambling to get things done.
    4) Don’t choose people for your bridal party who are irresponsible! It will save you so much grief! gudluck!!!

  2. I would say that
    1) Developing a budget saves a lot of stress
    2) Decide what YOU want before you start talking to family members and your bridal party. Otherwise, everyone has some kind of problem with your choices…..

  3. Hey Holly,

    I like your thinking re: the presents. Starting with the room rather than the gift is simple but effective.

    Thanks for the tip with ‘I Do Sugar’ too. I’ll definitely share that with my clients for wedding magic.

    Would you mind if I used some of this article on my own wedding magician blog?

  4. Hi Holly,

    Great post, your advice is so logical but I am sure brides-to-be get to that store or go online and go a little crazy wit adding presents to their list without having a proper think about what they really need and what would suit their home decor etc.

    Its a bit like shopping normally, we really should go out with an idea of what we actually need but all too often it is impulse purcasing that happens.

  5. I agree, having a gift registry is a really good idea- it makes everything a lot less stressful for your guests as well! It’s important to think carefully about what you put on your registry through- it’s easy to go overboard and add things on an impulse, when they may not be the most practical choices in terms of what you need, your decor etc. Thanks for sharing these links- I think they would be very helpful for a lot of brides to be!

  6. I can endorse your comments about brides being so organised. I have three daughters all of whom have been married in the last three years. I cannot fault their attention to detail and commitment to make the day memorable for everyone. As father of the bride I more or less done as I was told, as most men will do. Having said that I was so proud of all them for producing such emotional and enjoyable weddings.

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