The PlayStation Move: Everything You Need for an Enjoyable Family Night In

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PlayStation Move So, let me tell you a little story.

One night when all that could be heard throughout the house was the sound of cars splashing through puddles outside that had accumulated after hours of endless rain and five-second soundbites of the television channels being flipped from one heinously boring show to the next, immense boredom fell over everyone inside. After working all day behind a computer, I was terribly sick of the internet and there were no movies or books that seemed appealing. It was cold, rainy and gloomy outside and I was bored to tears. Suddenly, a little genie appeared in my living room. I don’t know how he got in, I had locked all the doors. As I reached for the phone to call the police and tell them that some mysterious, little genie had somehow broken into my house and they had better come and get him, the genie stopped me and assured me that he had only arrived because he knew that it was a gloomy, boring night and wanted to give me the PlayStation Move. Suddenly, my family was in the living room with me and we were playing Sports Champions and everyone was talking, laughing and having a blast.

Okay, you may have figured out that this was only a story and that none of the above actually happened. However, it would be pretty spectacular if it did.

The PlayStation Move consists of the PlayStation 3 system, the PlayStation Eye camera and the PlayStation Move motion controller. Combined, they make for a really fun and enjoyable family night in. This is not merely a new video game system, but more of a system of interactivity that relies on the person controlling it to remain active and to interact with the game they’re playing. It definitely reminds me of the Wii, but as PlayStation always tends to do, they have reinvented the motion controller and have truly made it their own. Not to mention, everyone knows that PlayStation has the best graphics out there in terms of console video games, but then again, I’m admittedly a huge PlayStation fan. How it works is that there is a sphere at the end of the motion controller which allows the eye camera to pinpoint your every movement and track with absolute precision where you are moving within the room and what you’re interacting with on-screen.

There is quite the selection of games that have been made specifically for PlayStation Move; most of which are children’s games, which I really love because any time you can get your child to be as active as possible–and have a lot of fun in the process–is a good thing. There are also some games for teens and adults, like The Fight: Lights Out, a classic boxing/fighting game which I can only assume will have you breaking out in a sweat in no time.

If you currently have a PlayStation 3, you don’t have to buy another one with the PlayStation Move package. There is a bundle package that allows you to bring motion gaming exclusively to your existing console and it only costs $99.

I’m really excited about the PlayStation Move gaming system and I know a ton of other families are as well. Remember, the holidays are coming up faster than you think and this would surely put a huge smile on any video game lover who receives it.

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3 thoughts on “The PlayStation Move: Everything You Need for an Enjoyable Family Night In”

  1. Thanks for that entertaining PS Move review. I think that what Sony is doing right now is brilliant. With the introduction of PS Move, Nintendo Wii will soon start to fade into the “baby gaming” category and as to Microsoft’s new invention – people will soon realize that Kinect is actually NOT suited for… games. Hopefully Sony will lower the price before Christmas.

  2. I think the PlayStation Move is 5x better than the Wii. I believe PlayStation will release a product just like the Xbox Kinect, but compatible with the ps4. Overall thanks for the info.

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