Using PLR Articles to Start a Blog

This is a guest post by Chrissie, a freelance writer for various blogs, including Speedy Incorporation Service, which helps new small business owners incorporate online.

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Starting a blog doesn’t have to be overly difficult, but it can be challenging keeping it up-to-date with new, trendy information, which is vitally important, especially in the beginning. There are going to be days that you just might not have time to write. Or perhaps you simply feel blocked and don’t know what to write. In these cases, I’ve found turning to PLR content can be very effective, but only when done right.

What is PLR Content?

In the simplest of terms, PLR content means “Private Label Rights,” which is defined as content that was written by someone else, but you purchase it and have permission to claim it as your own. However, it is important to note that there are varying types of PLR content and before choosing this as a viable approach, ensure that you understand what you can and cannot do with said content.

What is the Benefit of PLR Content for My Site?

First and foremost, you didn’t write the content so you’ve just given yourself back some extra time — and everyone needs more time. It is often easier to edit a post than to create it, with the most beneficial part being that you upload it as your own. So while there is work to be done, it’s less work.

While there are clearly benefits, there are also cons. Most importantly, it is never a good idea to take a PLR article and publish as it is. For one, that can result in a duplicate content penalty in the search engines, and no one wants that as it can mean a lot less traffic to the site you have been working so hard on.

Keep in mind that most PLR content is sold in capped groups. One site might cap that number at 25 while another may distribute it to 100. Think of PLR as a starting point; the content should be altered by at least 50%.

PLR Content Options to Consider

How many of each pack is sold, and what restrictions are there? Don’t assume because it’s PLR content that you can do as you want, rules will still apply in most cases.

PLR Quality

If you are joining a PLR membership or just purchasing an article pack, you need to first verify the content quality. Editing is one thing, but if the article by its very nature is filled with grammatical errors and doesn’t make sense, then the whole point is lost as you will end up writing it yourself from start to finish. The standard of quality that you accept will largely depend on your objective — engaging your readers or maybe you just need some fluff.

PLR Uses

  • Launch a website with re-crafted PLR articles while you work on marketing and social media.
  • Compile an e-book which can serve as a good, free viral marketing tool.
  • Create an auto responder series. Or perhaps use it in your newsletter.
  • Use it on your website as fresh, new content.

PLR Summary

  • Before you buy any packs or join any memberships, read the guidelines so you know what you can and can’t do with the content so that it works for you.
  • Compare buying a pack versus joining a membership site, which will of course depend on how much content you need.
  • Modify the content and make it yours. Change it by at least 50%. If you want a good idea of where else the articles are posted, or if you want to check that you have changed the article enough, Copyscape is a great tool.

Whether you have the best tablet or best laptop, or perhaps just a cellphone, the point is getting started. Shortcuts such as PLR make the starting process that much easier!

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