Pretty White Bathrooms (And Affordable Too!)

At My Design Guide, we LOVE All-White Bathrooms and you should, too. Here’s why. You want your bathroom to feel clean, right? There’s no better way to do that than with a pristine white bathroom. Also, all-white gives anything a simple feel, no matter what design style you prefer. (If you don’t know your style, use the My Design Guide Stylefinder.)

simple white bathroom The best accent for your white bathroom is greenery. Include a plant (we love succulents, they are so architectural–although they need light, and nothing’s better than an orchid) in your bathroom to add a splash of color without distracting from the overall feel of cleanliness. These are just the right touches to keep things from feeling too clinical. The natural accents in the above bathroom also brings a touch of the outdoors, without the dirt! Jute, rattan and sisal are great natural fibers that are often made into baskets, rugs, even tables and chairs! Some of those products are also eco-friendly, something we can all appreciate.

industrial white bathroom

This bathroom has more of an industrial feel to it, due to the exposed plumbing, but it is still right in white.

While some of us may be in the process of remodeling and can build our bathrooms from scratch, most of us just have to deal with what’s already there. In most cases, all that’s needed to create your own white bathroom is a coat of paint (and maybe a new shower curtain.) Most plumbing fixtures are already white, so it’s practically a head start on decorating! Also, when everything is in white, it makes those items blend in with the whole feel, rather than making them stand out.

small white bathroom

Note the variety of design styles and how they work together due to the white color palate.

Lotions, soaps and other bathroom supplies often come in decent packaging, but unless it’s simple and coordinated, we suggest getting your own containers so that all your assorted goods are in white or clear containers. While you can probably find a set of these items, we recommend picking different styles and combining them for a more eclectic and professionally-designed feel.

tiled white bathroom

The variation of tiles helps to break up the white and creates a great traditional feel.

If you are going to retile your bathrooms, consider carrara marble. It comes in the most beautiful white varieties and the price has gotten much more reasonable in recent years. But be careful, it can be slippery when used in larger slabs. Great for glamor, but perhaps not for kids or dogs. Tile resurfacing is also affordable and works great as well.

Time for a budget-friendly bathroom update in your style The My Design Guide Bathroom Design is only $49 and includes all of the product selections you’ll need.

Here are some of our My Design Guide faves for your white bath.

Satin Orobrass Accessories porcelain soap dishJewel Jute ruggreenleaf ginger tea jar candle

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