marriage and divorce infographic

Quick Facts on Marriage and Divorce #infographic

marriage and divorce infographic

Marriage trends in the U.S. have been a bit wonky over recent years. People are waiting longer than ever before to say “I do” or are forgoing the legally-binding paperwork altogether, while the number of people remarrying after divorce is on the rise.

Research has continuously suggested that the reason why younger people have been content to cohabit for so long is because the middle-class can’t afford to marry. Surely other moving parts have contributed to keeping people away from the altar, but things may be looking up for the romantics as the U.S. economy faces the largest job growth of the last three presidencies. A good economy is good for families, and the creation of more.

Because marriage trends and what we consider “normal” look so much different today than they did even just 10 years ago, here’s an infographic that breaks down where we stand today, for the most part, in the statistics on the coupling and uncoupling of Americans.

Via: Spodek Law Group

This infographic is a bit out of date, so it does not reflect the newest numbers on gay marriage in the United States. As of today, same-sex couples can legally marry in 34 states and the District of Columbia. Just 16 states have a law or constitutional amendment restricting marriage to the union of one man and one woman.

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  1. These stats are alarming. Unfortunately, I went through a divorce and it’s horrible. The best way that it st can explain it is like going to a funeral but the person is still alive. Those feels creep up a ton after your divorce. Then if you have kids, you see them every few weeks. Take your time to fully grieve.

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