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Dont Fret the Sweat

Developing into a tween can be a pretty difficult and uncomfortable time for any kid. Throw monumentally embarrassing into the mix and you’ll have my own tween years described in just a few words.

I distinctly remember several highly embarrassing moments from my tween years, and the only way I can think of describing that time in my life is by saying my brain and my body were not working together in harmony; in fact, they weren’t even close to meeting along the same wavelength. My brain was still a blissfully ignorant kid that didn’t have to worry about anything in the realm of cosmetic appearance. It was very content in running out the door every morning throughout the summer after throwing on whatever clothes happened to be laying around my room without a second glance in the mirror. My body, however, had warped into its own wildly out of control life form without letting my brain in on what was going on.

One summer afternoon while carelessly running around in my bathing suit and jumping in and out of the local pool, my father’s girlfriend, who had taken a very active role in raising me and my younger sister throughout my tween years, mentioned the word bikini line. That is the pivotal moment when my brain had a complete and utter freakout session of monumental proportions. It could no longer deny what my body was up to and it was officially time to soak up any and all advice my father’s girlfriend, as well as my grandmother and aunt, were willing to dole out.

The same goes for tweens when it comes to the topic of body odor. You smell it, every adult and perhaps even their friends are cued right in to the rampant hormones running throughout their bodies, but they may still be blissfully ignorant. Their kid brain is still very much running the show.

Unilever, the makers behind Degree, Degree Men, Dove and Suave deodorant products, has just recently released a pretty awesome resource for parents of tweens to help parents navigate conversations about even the stinkiest of tween issues. Don’t Fret the Sweat contains expert advice, tips and personal anecdotes from a variety of different moms, educators and physicians, including Rosalind Wiseman, an internationally recognized expert on children, teens and parenting, and New York Times bestselling author of the book Queen Bees and Wannabes, which was the basis for the movie Mean Girls.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions regarding tweens and their body odor, like what to do when your child is using deodorant but it doesn’t seem quite strong enough. Perhaps one of the best resources Don’t Fret the Sweat has to offer is their product matchmaker which will help you and your tween choose the perfect deodorant that will work with them to keep them comfortable, dry and smelling fresh and clean throughout the day.

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