So You Want to Raise Money for a Cause — Popular Fundraising Tips and Ideas

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  1. jheylo says:

    thanks for sharing and wonderful tips. this is indeed one way of raising funds

  2. Katherine says:

    Nice ideas here! I did a bunch of fundraising when I interned at a high school but never thought of wrist bands!

  3. Kristina Carpentier says:

    Great ideas. We use almost all of these with the Medical Club at my school. Another fundraiser we’ve found to be extremely successful is those candy lollipops made from the candy melts you get at the crafting store. Another tip is use holidays to your advantage. Our last candy pop fundraiser was the week of Valentine’s Day. And we sold homemade candy lollipops (roses, hearts, “love”, ect). $1 a piece and I printed out little to/from gift tags on my home printer and tied them on with a piece of ribbon. People were buying 30-40 at a clip for their children’s valentine’s exchanges at school. If you can plan a fundraiser with a holiday that people already buy things for – then chances are you’ll do very well. A lot of people commented that they thought the homemade pop was nicer and more thoughtful then just some random candy A from WalMart. Use that to your advantage – after all its more money for your cause/charity!

    Another good fundraiser we’ve had lots of success with is raffle baskets. We usually do themed baskets. Lots of times local businesses/restraunts are willing to donate gift cards or merchandise. Its good publicity for them. Themed baskets in the summer are good money makers : think “beach basket”, “car wash basket”, “picnic”, “spa”, ect ect : )

  4. This is an extremely FABULOUS post regarding fund raising! I honestly expected to click and see a few ‘tried and true’ fundraising efforts, but there are definitely some new twists to some old classics and a few unique new ones, too 🙂

    I especially like that last bit; when it comes to something you really want, you DO have to play on people’s emotions. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though!

  5. shuman says:

    thanks for sharing and wonderful tips, I especially like that last bit; when it comes to something you really want, you DO have to play on people’s emotions

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