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Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking in Today’s World

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  1. Laurie says:

    Human trafficking is such a sad terrifying issue in the world

  2. Liv says:

    A very important problem to be aware of. Tweeting.

  3. K. Renae P. says:

    Thank you for helping bring awareness to this horrid human atrocity.

  4. It is horrific how much pain and torture these groups face and we should see all forms of exploitation as equal and give them the help they deserve!

  5. carmela mempin says:

    Human trafficking is a very terrible issue in our society now a days, Thanks for sharing and bringing awareness about this issue.

  6. Shawn says:

    Our city is a hub for it and our church has raised awareness. Great that you chose to post and raise awareness also!

  7. victoria says:

    Human trafficking was a serious issue in all the country

  8. Elizabeth O. says:

    We definitely have to help in raising awareness against human trafficking. I can’t believe it’s gotten even worse as compared to the past.

  9. Eugenia says:

    If we want to fight human trafficking, we should start by understanding it more clearly. Thank you for raising awareness of this grave problem.

  10. Thank you for increasing awareness for such an important topic! So sad that this is still an issue today!

  11. My heart breaks every time I hear news about children being exploited. I hope this campaign raises a lot of awareness.

  12. Human trafficking is awful. How could someone do that to another human being; how can they restrict someone else’s human rights.

  13. Mhaan a says:

    Such an informative post. I feel so bad everytime I hear news about this. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I’m glad someone is bringing this terrible fact into light. This is such a hard thing to think about it breaks my heart to know that it’s going on.

  15. It is easy when it isn’t ‘our children’ to not put a face on such a tragic issue. But trafficking knows no boundaries. We have to put our children’s faces on this, because it is so terribly wrong. We have to put an end to it. The exploitation of others needs to end, but we feel so powerless to do anything with such a large problem. Thank you for sharing such an important issue. I had no idea it was so many children. 2.3 million conservatively is just overwhelming.

  16. Lieurene says:

    I’ve learned about human trafficking when I was in university a few years ago and its just heart-breaking. Not many people know about this so thank you for sharing the awareness.

  17. Amber says:

    Such an important issue! Sadly this goes on in the area that we live in as well. It’s so important to raise awareness

  18. This is awesome.. as this is such a big issue. I live in Houston and it is a huge problem here.

  19. Molly says:

    Such a heartbreaking and scary issue. Thank you for helping to raise awareness, it’s encouraging that this is an issue that’s being brought to the spotlight more and more, but we still have a lot of work to do.

  20. We live in an area with an incredibly high rate of human trafficking. Thanks for sharing and bringing awareness to such an important issue.

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