Rapture No. 5 Anal Probe Review

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Ophoria Rapture No5 Anal toys are a lot of fun–plugs, probes, dildos with safe, flared bases; regardless of the type of toy you use, anal stimulation will take your sex life to a whole new, wonderful, exciting and just plain spectacular heights. Personally, I’m a big fan of probes and it’s weird because I didn’t think I would be. On my quest for the perfect butt toy, I have tried a lot of plugs because I thought that naturally, they would lend themselves better to me being able to walk around with it effortlessly inside of me or have sex with it firmly inside without it slipping out. I was, however, mistaken.

The Rapture No. 5 comes in a modern, minimalist white cardboard box with a plastic see-through panel so you can see the toy inside. The box also works great to store the toy in for safekeeping and even after hanging out in my big box of toys for quite some time, the box doesn’t look worn at all. This plug is gorgeous; it is made by Ophoria and is extremely classy and amazingly great quality. It is made of 100% pure silicone and it is Phthalate-free and hypoallergenic and feels super soft and smooth to the touch. I received the Rapture No. 5 for review from the awesome folks over at Fascinations and I received it in navy, although it looks more dark purple than dark blue to me, and it is also available in charcoal, which isn’t nearly as pretty as the navy; at least in my opinion.

This probe is very firm, but flexible enough to feel comfortable against and inside you. It has five distinct, tapered bulges; the very top starts out small and is nicely rounded for easy insertion and it progressively gets wider. At its widest point, it reaches a diameter of 1.5 inches. What is a little different about this probe than most, most I’ve had experience with anyway, is that it does not have a flared base. Instead, it has a single finger handle that is big enough for anyone to fit their finger into and keep a great amount of control over the probe.

This is one of the bigger-sized probes I’ve had; because it gets quite wide by the third and fourth bulges, make sure to use a generous amount of lube with it. Speaking of lube, make sure to use only water-based lubricant because the Rapture No. 5 is made of pure silicone. A friend of mine asked about its ability to be used vaginally and before I received this toy, I was thinking the same thing. So when it arrived I attempted to use it vaginally first and because of the girth of the fourth and fifth bulges, it didn’t feel as pleasurable as I thought it would. I guess I’m not into bulges when it comes to vaginal stimulation because it just felt like way too much and very, very weird. I am keeping it mind that it could be an acquired feeling that maybe I’ll like as I continue to use it, but for right now, I’m really loving it as an anal probe. Oddly, the thickness of the bulges do not feel as weird anally. This makes me feel a little backwards in terms of what size toys are feeling more comfortable where. So, anally speaking, if you will, I love that when you work over the last little bit of the fourth bulge and into the fifth, the material is still super soft against you and it gave me just a little twinge of pain, but nothing I would actually classify as painful. It was just wide enough to make me feel full and fulfilled. I immediately fell in love with the abilities of this probe and don’t see myself getting sick of it any time soon.

Much to my surprise, the Rapture No. 5 allows me to have it in and walk around freely without it slipping out, granted it did take some time to figure out just how much lube to use to have it so it feels very comfortable in me, but isn’t so slippery that it just falls out without having to be held in. After you figure out the right amount of lube, you’ll be good to go.


Thanks to Fascinations for giving me the opportunity to review the Rapture No. 5. Check them out to see all the other anal toys and Ophoria silicone toys they stock!

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