Real Art

So, we love for their selection and pricing, but we also triple love Real Art – made by real people and being reproduced on a small scale.  Real art makes your home totally you and if you make your way to local artists studios… it can be affordable. 

Check out for just such good stuff.    We love the way you can see the art on your walls and return it if you don’t like – shipping paid….This 8×8 real oil painting by Bart Dluhy is colorful, fun and festive

When purchasing a small piece of art like this have a spot in mind that is small, a pit stop where someone will naturally be standing so that they will stop and enjoy it .  By a doorway, a mirror, window,  light switch, small section of wall in a kitchen.  Or, group it with a number of other pieces of art to make a larger composition.  In a larger composition, look for art that is of similar coloring, content or style – combining unique pieces of art into one display is the black diamond of interior design. Have a grouping of art you’d like to share – tell us about it.

Want your custom Art and Accessory service to include this perfect painting…or something even more like your Style?  It’s simple, affordable and totally you.

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