Reasons Why You Should Be Using Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Waterproof mattress protectors are something that you may not have even considered if you don’t have a small child in the house. However, they can be beneficial for any mattress regardless of who is sleeping on it. The protection goes way beyond just keeping your mattress dry. In fact, there are many benefits that should prompt you to seriously consider using these protectors on all your mattresses.

Main Benefits

The main benefits you will receive from using waterproof mattress protectors so have to do with keeping your bed clean and dry. If you think about all the abuse your poor mattress suffers, it is easy to see how beneficial a protector can be.

Obviously, it is great to protect against bed wetting, Whether it is a small child who is just learning to potty train or who has occasional bed wetting accidents, a pregnant woman who is worried about any leakage onto the bed or an elderly person struggling with incontinence, a mattress protector can be a great aid. It is non-intrusive and won’t make it obvious that there is protection on the bed.

It also protects against other liquids. If you have kids who love to eat and drink in their rooms, using a protector can help keep your mattresses safe from drink and food spills. Also if you have pets, it can protect against the various things they may drag onto or do on a bed.

Say you are one of those people who sweats a lot in your sleep. Imagine night after night climbing into a stale bed that has dried sweat in it. That is kind of gross. Instead, keep things protected and keep your mattress like new.

Health Benefits

Those main benefits of keeping your mattress dry are not the only benefits, though. There are also health benefits, which for many people are going to be even more enticing than the basic benefits.

To begin with, when you cover your mattress with a protector, you are able to keep all sorts of allergens out of them. This is great when you have someone in your family who has allergy issues. Not only will it prevent allergens from getting embedded in your mattresses but other things like dander and bugs won’t be able to get in there either, making the mattress healthier for anyone who is around it.

When you go to buy a waterproof mattress pad, there are some things you need to consider. To begin with, you want to look at how it is made. Make sure it is made using hypoallergenic materials and high-quality materials.

You also need to consider whether you want a fitted or zippered protector. Fitted protectors act just like sheets. One thing to keep in mind is that they not only go onto the bed like a regular sheet but they also can come off like a regular sheet. If you have a mattress that seems to lose its sheets easily, then the fitted option may not be for you. A zippered protector covers the whole mattress. This is would be best for someone concerned about allergens because it gives full protection.

You also need to make sure that you are buying the right size. Make sure you measure your bed and just don’t go off the standard sizing. You want to measure the width, length, and depth of the mattress to ensure a proper fit. Generally, length and width are standard sizes. Depth, though, varies, which makes it very important to ensure you are getting this measurement correct.

Using the Protector

Once you get your mattress protector, you will want to put it on your mattress carefully so you don’t rip it and so it is put on correctly to ensure it works. You should get help doing this to make the process easier. Pull up the mattress and pull the protector on carefully. Do not stretch it or pull on it. Carefully move it into place. Then, put the mattress back on the bed and put your sheets on as normal.

Many people use waterproof mattress protectors. They offer a range of benefits that make them useful in almost any home. They simply help to lengthen the life of mattresses while also helping to keep them clean and sanitary.

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