Reintroducing the OMEGA Ladymatic — An Elegant Watch with a Rich and Illustrious History

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OMEGA Ladymatic Please allow me to introduce you to the most stunningly beautiful watch I have ever seen in my life! This, dear readers, is the Ladymatic from OMEGA.

You may be thinking, ‘Who are you kidding? No one wears a watch anymore!’ That line of thought is absolutely valid, since almost everyone has a cell phone or gadget that more or less resembles a mini computer than a phone, all of which can easily tell you the time when you’re out and about. However, you’re missing a very important point when it comes to accessorizing, and that is elegance. Sure, most of your run of the mill watches aren’t going to look elegant and flawless, as if without them your look just isn’t complete, but take a look at the Ladymatic again. Now, think about a drop dead gorgeous, elegant dress, amazing pumps, flawless makeup, and a fabulous little clutch. Now tell me that the Ladymatic wouldn’t completely tie that look together.

The OMEGA Ladymatic has a rich and illustrious history behind it. First introduced in 1955 with continued success for the better part of a generation, the brand defined feminine grace and elegance in another era. The Ladymatic was also one of OMEGA’s first self-winding watches that was designed especially and specifically for women; it also featured the smallest automatic movement OMEGA had ever created. Now the Ladymatic is back and it’s still paying homage to its past without giving up the level of functionality you would expect from a high end, luxurious accessory.

Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman has been an OMEGA brand ambassador since 2004; moreover, she is the face of the Ladymatic line. In my opinion, they could not have picked a more fitting woman to represent their brand. Nicole Kidman is easily one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and she definitely isn’t a celebrity who is keen on putting her name on just anything, so you know Ladymatic is something worth getting excited about.

Take a look at an awesome behind the scenes video of Nicole Kidman for Ladymatic and remember that elegant dress/perfect accessory scenario I mentioned before? Yeah, you’ll see exactly what I mean in the video.

When asked what she thought about Ladymatic and its 1950s’ roots, Kidman said something I cannot agree with more, “There’s something appealing about that type of communication. There’s a fascination with the era which means that the advertisements can be playful without actually turning back the clock. As the Ladymatic watch collection represents state-of-the-industry technology, this campaign is really a sort of wink.”

You can find out more about OMEGA, including information about brand ambassadors, videos, product information and more by visiting the OMEGA Facebook fan page.

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3 thoughts on “Reintroducing the OMEGA Ladymatic — An Elegant Watch with a Rich and Illustrious History”

  1. That is stunningly gorgeous! I’m drooling here. I certainly do wear a watch cause who the heck wants to dig around for a cell phone when you could take a quick peek at a piece of bling on your wrist????!!

  2. I think it is a very pretty watch. Watches have definitely begun to move from the necessity that they were a few years ago into being more of a fashion statement. I think they make great accessory, just like a nice necklace. Additionally, it is still more polite to non-chalantly peek at your watch to keep track of time, than to go digging in your purse or pocket for a cell phone. There really is no way to make that subtle.

  3. Does anyone know what is the dress that Nicole is wearing in the video above and print ad for ladymatic? Very light pink-white-ish halter neck dress. I’m in love w this dress.

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