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Resole Your Shoes, Refresh Your Socks, and Yes, Get a Pedicure

It’s kind of a touchy subject for a lot of guys, but… your feet stink, your socks have holes in them, and your shoes have had it. If this sounds like you, we have a few suggestions that we promise you’ll enjoy if you just give them a chance.

Foot Care for the Novice

Start by regularly caring for your feet. You stand and walk on them all day long and the ways you neglect them are starting to literally show through your socks, which, bless their souls, need to be laid to rest. It’s time to schedule your first professional pedicure. Don’t worry, more and more specialty salons are beginning to cater to clientele just like you, so seek out a men’s salon where you might be more comfortable and won’t be filled with ladies gossiping about the latest Hollywood news.

If you’re really not into heading to a salon, you can always use a men’s pedicure kit at home. Make trimming your toenails a regular habit, and be sure to make use of the other tools in your pedicure kit to remove callouses, dirt and grime, and to file down your heels and the rough skin around your toes and toenail beds.

New Socks for Feet Brought Back to Life

Once you have your new foot care routine underway, it’s time to refresh your socks. Hop online and look into a sock subscription. When you have a fresh rotation of socks, you won’t feel so bad about letting go of the old ones. We know that it might be difficult to just throw your old socks away, even if they are worn out, frayed, or have holes in them, and that’s why Nice Laundry sock subscriptions come with a sock recycling program that allows you to get rid of your old socks in a useful way.

Nice Laundry sock subscription

With a Nice Laundry sock subscription, you will get a total sock drawer makeover. Every 90 days, you will be sent seven new pairs of socks to ensure that your healthy, renewed feet stay that way. Nice Laundry offers calf socks and no-show socks in a huge inventory that you can review online before selecting.

Shoe Repair and Replacement

With your feet in good repair and a new sock subscription with your name on it, it’s time to take a look at your footwear. Some of your shoes may be salvageable with a simple change to the sole, a shine, or other minor repair. Others, however, just may have to go. Pick out the shoes that are completely worn out, have holes in the soles, or uppers that are no longer intact, and toss them in the bin. Then, head out to get new kicks. You should have at least one pair of sneakers, work shoes, and don’t forget one pair of freshly polished dress shoes. Once you’ve replaced the shoes that were simply too far gone, you’ll look better and be more comfortable, and your feet — and everyone who has had to put up them — will thank you.

3 thoughts on “Resole Your Shoes, Refresh Your Socks, and Yes, Get a Pedicure”

  1. This is quiet amazing stuff. I love that a Nice Laundry sock subscription could get you seven new pairs of socks every 3-months, which means you could have the best refreshing ones to wear every time. I would love to check it out for my husband who travels a lot & need such resource.

  2. I wish we had this kind of program here in the Philippines. I would definitely sign up for it for the love of fresh pairs of socks! 🙂

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