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Rose Gold is the New ‘It’ Metal

Rose gold has become the new “it” metal for those who are looking for a trendy, unique spin on a traditional piece of jewelry. This metal has seen an increase in popularity due to its color lending well to a variety of jewelry styles, and it compliments almost every skin tone. Its pretty pastel hue gives a feminine touch to almost every outfit.

This metal is a gold and copper alloy first created in the 19th century in Russia; because of its point of origin, it may also be called “Russian gold.” Rose gold initially gained popularity all over the world during the 1920s by Cartier and their famous trinity band. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for someone who might be looking for an engagement ring out of the norm.

rose gold

Rose, Yellow, or White Gold?

Yellow gold has long been the traditional choice for wedding jewelry, and for good reason since it never really goes out of style. It is hypoallergenic and looks authentic, since it was used during the Art Deco and Edwardian eras.

On the downside, yellow gold doesn’t compliment those with pale or rosy skin as much as a rose or white gold. Yellow gold is also weaker than other metals, and may require more maintenance and care. In order to retain its value, the wearer will likely find themselves keeping a strict regimen of cleaning and polishing.

engagement ringWhite gold consists of silver, gold, and palladium alloy. It may even be an alternative to he more expensive options of platinum. It’s lighter than these metals, but more durable than the average yellow gold. White gold is coated in rhodium in order to brighten it up, which causes some brides and jewelry lovers to be allergic to white gold. And in order to keep that shine, it is suggested that white gold be re-plated once a year.

Rose gold is stronger than others because of the added copper that forms the alloy. Rose also compliments most skin colors, adds a trendy aspect to an engagement ring, and in most cases, is even more affordable than yellow or white gold options.

A Versatile, Contemporary Option

More women are gravitating towards rose gold because it can be worn with both gold and silver, and they never have to think twice before adding other pieces of jewelry to an ensemble. Colored stones and diamonds alike look fabulous in a rose setting, and this option gives you a contemporary spin on a classic piece of jewelry.

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  1. I love rose gold! I actually have a watch with rose gold and silver on it, and then just got a bracelet with it on there too. I like that I can wear it with gold or silver.

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