Sara Gilbert Develops New Hollywood Mom Daytime Talk Show

Sara Gilbert As The World Turns has been vacated from its usual CBS daytime time slot and taking its place is a new show developed and co-produced by Sara Gilbert featuring a handful of other Hollywood moms as they take on topical events and contemporary issues from a mom’s perspective.

No, I’m not talking about Sara Gilbert taking over The View and getting rid of the people we’ve come to not be able to stand anymore and replacing them with fresh faces we are not yet sick of seeing every day. This is a brand new show that is essentially exactly like The View, but since Elisabeth Hasselbeck is now being said to “represent” young mothers in America, it may be just about time to get a new group of Hollywood moms to open up discussions further. I have to say, I really hope it’s better than The View because after watching a good amount of that show, it has come to leave a pretty bad taste in my mouth after a while and I can’t bring myself to watch it much at all anymore.

The head of CBS Daytime had this to say about the new show, which is currently awaiting a name:

“We were looking for a new format that would speak to the core audience but also have the topical and entertainment value to go even broader. This panel is not a bashful bunch; they are outspoken on any issue you put on the table. It promises to be an hour of television with timely discussions, unfiltered opinions and a lot of personality.”

A new format for this show sounds relieving, especially considering we’ve seen the same format on The View for the past 13 years. Has it really been 13 years? That is pretty crazy to even think about.

Also joining Sara Gilbert at the table is Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete, Leah Remini and Marissa Winokur. The Hollywood moms on the show have children ranging from infants to adult and they will swap stories, challenge each other on issues and engage the studio audience and viewers at home about events in the headlines, as well as their homes through the lens of motherhood. The show will also feature guest interviewers with entertainers, newsmakers and even home footage from the co-hosts of the show.

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