Sarah Jessica Parker’s Vogue Cover Dress Will Soon Be Available to the Public

Sarah Jessica Parker Vogue Sarah Jessica Parker looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover of the May 2010 issue of Vogue, no doubt lining up the cover to coordinate with the May 27th release of Sex and the City 2. While she is pictured on the cover in the usual “cover girl” fashion–huge, cheeky smile and sparkling eyes–what stands out about it is, of course, the fashion. The blue Calvin Klein dress is just eye-catching and dazzling, right down to the pleats protruding slightly from the hip. It’s most definitely a dress that, like the appeal of the shoes seen in the latest SATC poster, many women will no doubt be scouring websites, blogs and stores looking for something that compares to what we first came across merely in pictures. But unlike trying to find shoes that even resemble the chic, strappy high heels seen in the poster, getting your hands on Sarah Jessica Parker’s Vogue cover dress has become an actual possibility.

Calvin Klein front-pleated blue dress While the blue front-pleated Calvin Klein Collection dress Sarah Jessica Parker was shot for the cover of Vogue in was supposed to be a one-of-a-kind modification of a dress created for this fall by Francisco Costa, the dress has become so successful after the cover of the magazine started appearing pretty much everywhere that it is now considered successful enough to sell.

The dress will be made available to the public in the coming week and for $1,695 you can pick it up (and perhaps wear it better than Sarah Jessica Parker did? Maybe?) at Calvin Klein, located in New York City, New York at 645 Madison Avenue (60th Street), (212) 292-9000 or at Saks Fifth Avenue, located at 611 Fifth Avenue (49th Street), (212) 753-4000.

Perhaps Sarah Jessica Parker and the stylists behind everything SATC 2 really do have the capacity to stimulate the economy, after all!

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