My Second Nibblr Box Review + FREE Boxes for ALL

I received a Nibblr snack box for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.


Oh my goodness, this post is horribly, ridiculously late. I’m just terrible. My first Nibblr review was back in the beginning of February, and in that post I mentioned that I would be receiving and reviewing four additional Nibblr boxes. Then I received my next snack box, and shortly after taking the pictures that appear in this post, ate more than one full tray. Then I did the inevitable reviewer thing where you completely forget that there is a whole post to write. I know, I already admitted I’m terrible.

For the most part, I enjoyed my second box from Nibblr. There were some issues that I will get to, but nothing that diminishes the view I have of Nibblr as a worthwhile subscription service. If you’re looking for a healthy snack subscription box that is tasty and worth the price, I think Nibblr is a great choice.

Nibblr box

Right off the bat we start this box off with the Olde World Blend. The Olde World Blend is great. It’s filled with big dates, mission figs, and red walnuts. I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed it in my first Nibblr box. The one that arrived not even a month prior to this one.

If the reason why I received the Olde World Blend again is because I marked it as “Like It” in the Nibblr snacks dashboard rating system, then I can understand that. That being said, Nibblr has over 55 different snack options to try and rate. The fact that two out of two boxes I have received contained the same blend is enough to make me raise an eyebrow.

Nibblr Olde World Blend Turtle Twist & Caramel Apple

Creating the meaning of indulgence according to Nibblr, the Turtle Twist mix completely took over my mind after I first tried it. Suddenly I was thinking about how if I finished off the entire tray in one sitting that it is impossible for another tray to magically appear by my side. One can hope, though, right?

Ingredients: dark chocolate, caramel bits, pecans

The Caramel Apple snack mix in this box threw me for a loop. I’m actually still a little confused by it. I received a Caramel Apple snack mix in my first Nibblr box. However, that Caramel Apple snack mix was not this Caramel Apple snack mix. Two different blends with the same flavor combinations going by the same name, perhaps? Sure, if the mix I received in this box was even listed on Nibblr’s website under their list of snacks, but it’s not. It was pretty good, though, whatever it was.

Nibblr Caramel Apple & Bruschetta

The Bruschetta snack mix comes in at a close second to my favorite Nibblr snack so far, Sesa-Me & You. It is a savory snack with an abundance of flavor going on, cheddar and asiago cheeses, sun dried tomato, and garlic and herbs.

Ingredients: sun dried tomato basil peanuts, garlic herb cashews, cheese crisps

If you’re looking for a quality food subscription box, Nibblr delivers four portion-controlled snacks that are more or less healthy, packaged in individually sealed trays that make it easy to grab on the go.

Each Nibblr box is $5.99, including shipping to anywhere in the United States. You can save on subscription boxes if you pre-order a 4-box subscription at $5.75 per box, or a 12-box subscription at $5.50 per box.

Get a Free Nibblr Box

Want to try Nibblr for free? Of course you do! Nibblr has been oh so generous to provide us with a code so that all of our US-based readers can score a free box of goodies from Nibblr. Just use promo code TRIBUNE at checkout and you will receive a free Nibblr trial snack box.

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12 thoughts on “My Second Nibblr Box Review + FREE Boxes for ALL

  1. I subscribe to one snack box and the box never lasts longer than a day. With a house full of folks, i am still working on getting the box to last at least 2 days lol. The nibbler box sounds like it has good snacks. I need to get a free box and try it out.

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