The Secret Life of Teens: Why They Suck at Driving [Infographic]

Okay, confession time: At 25 years old, I have still never learned to drive. I have never received my learner’s permit or my driver’s license. When I was 17 years old and had to get a photo I.D. so I could take my SATs, on the way to the DMV my father asked if I was getting my learner’s permit. I proceeded to look at him as if he had 10 heads, and declared that I was not old enough to start driving. Sure, I was old enough according to the state, but I didn’t feel old enough. I wasn’t ready, and I let that be known. As I got older, I realized that while I knew I wasn’t ready to drive, the reason for that may have been because of the handful of car accidents I was in as a child and adolescent. I was petrified to be behind the wheel, and to this day, I still am.

I was one of very few teens who didn’t want to drive. For most, the countdown to the age that they can take the test to receive their learner’s permit is counted down with glee and anticipation. With all of that excitement coursing through a teen’s veins, it is that more crucial for parents to instill responsible and safe driving habits in their teens, as well as teaching them the basics about how to care for a car, regardless of if they are buying their own or using yours.

Annually, 1/5th of car accidents are caused by teens 16 to 19 years old, and teens have the highest chance of having a fatal crash within the first six months of getting their driver’s license. Why? Distractions. Check out the following infographic for information and statistics about what teens are doing behind the wheel that make them such terrible drivers. Learn from this information and instill better driving habits in your own teens when it is time for them to start driving.

Infographic: Teen Tracker
Teen Tracker by GoTrack, Inc

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10 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Teens: Why They Suck at Driving [Infographic]”

  1. I actually was in a car accident the day after passing my road test. Luckily It wasn’t my fault – they T-Boned me. It scared the Crap out of me and I was too scared to drive. My parents forced me to drive to help me get over my fear. Its been over 10 years and Im still overly cautious to this day. I rarely pass anyone, I hate going into shopping centers that don’t have a traffic light at the exit because im scared to pull out if I have to make a left across traffic.

  2. I think I was 19 or 20 when I finally got my license. I had my learner’s permit at 16 though! Just didn’t feel ready to test until I was older. One of my closest friends is 33 and never tried for one. She confessed to me it was because of a few accidents she’s been in as a passenger. Scary stuff so I understand!

  3. This is a very sensitive subject for me as I had multiple friends die in car accidents….

    I did get my learners at 15 and license at 16. Such a scary thought looking back. It just seems so young!

  4. Very informative. It makes me sad how easily we are distracted behind the wheel, teenage or not. My cousin was killed by a distracted driver 4 yrs ago. She was 16. A classmate of hers was at fault… he was texting 🙁 I miss her bunches!

  5. I know about this all too well. I got my license at 17 and did okay until I decided texting and driving was a great idea… I rear ended another driver at a low speed (luckily) because I was too busy texting. Let me say tho I have certainly learned my lesson and that’s something I have never ever done again!

  6. this is so interesting! grooming? guilty of! not proud of it but Ive done mascara, lipstick and everything else while on a red light of course! and then I have tons of people honking cause Im stopped! 🙂
    thank you for sharing!! its def eye opening!

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