Set the Mood in Your Bathroom with the Right Lighting

bathroom lighting Since deciding that cable television would be a worthwhile investment about two months ago after being without it for many years, I have become a total HGTV junkie. Maybe it’s because we just bought our house this past February and it is still very new and in the process of being transformed and decorated into the dream home we have envisioned since we first started thinking about the house we would have someday, but I am all about fresh and new design and decor ideas, and the shows on that network deliver inspiration for every imaginable room and budget in spades.

The number one lesson I have learned from my intensive television-watching research is that creating an appealing, eye-catching, and beautiful space in your home is all in the little things. Decor matters a whole lot more than the design of a particular space, and you can take virtually any space and turn it into a room you never want to leave just by focusing on the small details that ultimately will make all the difference. This lesson most definitely also applies to the bathroom.

The bathroom is one room that can often get neglected. Furnishing and decorating other rooms in the house can easily take priority over the bathroom, and you probably don’t spend all that much time in there anyway, so for many people it often comes down to not seeing the point in spending time and resources decorating a room you are in for maybe 30 minutes a day. But imagine this: you have had an exhausting day and are physically and emotionally drained by the end of it. Finally, the house is quiet, life has settled down for the night, and you practically sprint to your warm and inviting bathroom that has an atmosphere that completely relaxes you, and you run yourself a hot bubble bath to soak in. You can have that, and it can be created with surprisingly little effort, starting with choosing the perfect bathroom ceiling lighting.

Whether you go traditional or modern, choose a large statement overhead piece, balanced sconces, or even opt for an eye-catching chandelier, the lighting you choose for your bathroom can set the entire feel of the room. I am a big fan of an overhead light in the center of the room with additional vanity lighting around the bathroom mirror. Having a flush-mount or semi-flush mounted ceiling light is a great source of lighting in the bathroom all on its own, and it will evenly distribute throughout the room without leaving dark spots. This is great for the bulk of your bathroom lighting needs, but you’ll be happy you chose vanity lighting when it comes time to do your hair and makeup, and if there’s a guy in your family, they’ll love that added lighting when they need to shave in the morning. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can choose between two-light, three-light, or four-light vanity fixtures for above your bathroom mirror. If you’re choosing lighting for a guest bathroom, you can even use vanity lighting on its own without an overhead light fixture to give the small space a classy and relaxing feel.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bathroom Lighting Outlet. Incentive was provided to me, and opinions are my own.

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