Why Sex Toys are Necessary for a Long, Healthy Sex Life

One of the main reasons why I felt compelled to add a Love & Sex category to Woman Tribune is because I firmly believe that in order to maintain a long and healthy sex life with your partner, it is necessary to experiment with each other and one of the very best and most fulfilling ways to experiment is with sex toys. After years of having the same sexual partner, many people become almost immune to the touch of their partner. We come to know their thought patterns–How they are going to touch us, when they are going to touch us, and what is going to come next; it becomes almost robotic and you find yourself simply going through the motions of sex.

I believe that sex should be something that is enjoyed by all involved. It is not something you participate in to merely fill your “this is how many times normal couples have sex” quota; it is something to be enjoyed and is something you should be able to be completely open about; and that includes the right to experimentation.

Whether you have a sexual partner or you’re making love to yourself, good sex is something that can be achieved as long as you are completely open with your partner as well as with yourself. Introducing sex toys to your bedroom can turn your sex life from being a monotonous chore to steamy, can’t-get-enough sex. It isn’t just a myth that a good sex life can improve your mood as well as improve and even save your relationship or marriage. Some people I have spoken to do not necessarily agree with me when I tell them I believe that sex is a huge part of a healthy relationship, but I do honestly believe that; in my experience, a healthy sex life makes it much easier to have open lines of communication and an unshakable trust between the couple, both of which are proven to set the scene for a healthy and happy relationship.

By simply bringing an adult toy into your bedroom you are able to experiment and perhaps even be turned on to new things, which is exactly why adult toys are so popular. Even a simple vibrator can spice up your sex life more than you may think, especially a Rabbit Vibrator; one of the most popular and in-demand vibrators among women and once you see and feel it, you will immediately know how it has gotten such a great name for itself.

8 thoughts on “Why Sex Toys are Necessary for a Long, Healthy Sex Life”

  1. I totally agree with everything in this article – healthy sex is a must for a good relationship. However when being together for a long time, it’s normal sex to become more like an obligation than satisfaction. And then comes the right time for all kind of experiments – sex toys, adult movies, whatever makes you happy. It’s much better to work on your relation this way than to move on to the next man and the story never ends 🙂

  2. You may find it interesting that a new study featured in The Journal of Sexual Medicine reveals that vibrators can greatly improve sexual health. Vibrators have been one method frequently recommended by clinicians treating female patients for sexual dysfunction, but now the same advice is being applied to male patients.

    Males who were currently using vibrators scored higher on four out of five categories of the International Index of Erectile Function, which includes orgasmic function, sexual satisfaction, erectile function and sexual desires.

    1. Those are really interesting (and reassuring) statistics! Great to see that sex toys aren’t just fun, but are great in leading a healthy life not just for women, but also for men. Thanks for this comment!

  3. Just notice something though:

    You mentioned “variety” but for the most part (I’m assuming) Men don’t really use toys on themselves. I know I don’t. Seems the only real “variety” in this post is toys for the women, or the small percentage of men that like assplay. What variety do the men get? Not saying sex toys aren’t a great addition to the bedroom, but things like this always tend to get one-sided in the women’s favor. It’s not solely *his* job to make things exciting or do new things…. Women should be *just* as forward-thinking about heightening their partner’s experience. That’s what I don’t see too much of, and that part saddens me. Relationships are two-way streets, in ALL aspects… Just my .02,


    1. @Joel: I can see where you’re coming from with not seeing the advertisement of a variety of men’s sex toys very often and I have often said that there are more varieties of sex toys made for women than there are for men. What I cannot understand, however, is your disdain over this article and warping it into some discussion over men getting the short end of the stick when it comes to relationships. In fact, in this article I wrote “I believe that sex should be something that is enjoyed by all involved.” That is the end of the sentence. I didn’t say “sex should be something that is enjoyed by all involved, except for men because we really don’t care about them” and I didn’t imply that sex should be one-sided, so I don’t know where you pulled that from. Also, this website is called Woman Tribune. You may want to check the name of a website before you start leaving comments saying that men are not adequately portrayed on a space written by and for women.

      Secondly, there are men’s sex toys out there and while there isn’t too much of a variety, there are several companies trying to put out more products for men. Tenga is a company that specializes in making products specifically for men and do not carry one product made for women. We have featured two Tenga products on this website, which you can feel free to check out here:


      We have also reviewed cock rings:

      Also other masturbation sleeves not made and put out by Tenga:

      And our first male sex toy review was the Pleasure Prostate Kit for men who are curious about prostate play and multiple orgasms:

      I hope that satisfies your men’s sex toy reading and I hope you find something you like!

  4. Yes, yes, yes… Toys are great for a great relationship. I was very shy and very standoffish about using toys but when my husband would not be able to give me an orgasm HE went out and got me a toy! Thank you honey I L Y! Money well spent on the Acuvibe! It is an automatic O everytime!!!

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