Sexy Wonderland Cat Adult Costume Review and Halloween 2011

I received a Sexy Wonderland Cat costume from for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

Sexy Wonderland Cat adult costume I has dawned on me that I am racking up quite the collection of Alice in Wonderland-inspired items; mostly adult items. When I saw this Sexy Wonderland Cat costume, I couldn’t help but pick it out to add to my growing arsenal.

I am in love with this costume. The pink and purple color scheme, the wide stripes, and faux fur, the amount of cute going on here delighted me on just about every girly level imaginable.

The Sexy Wonderland Cat costume is a corset-style dress with spaghetti straps, faux fur-lined cups, and a full-length zipper in the back. Also included with the dress are a matching shrug, arm warmers, and thigh high stockings. Every piece is made of soft jersey fabric, and the dress is lined with hot pink lace. Along the midsection of the dress is a laced and tied hot pink silk ribbon, which also appears on the top of the thigh high stockings. Tying the cat concept into this costume is a faux fur-lined cat ear headband, a removable tail that can be attached to the back of the dress, and a black choker with Velcro closure.

In the picture you’ll notice that there is a seriously adorable layer of pink ruffles under the bottom of the dress that gives it volume and makes it flowy. This is not actually attached to, nor does it come with the dress. The dress stops at the faux fur-lined edges and lays nearly flat against the legs. This was disappointing, and even more so was the construction of the costume. It is not done well at all.

There is an incredible amount of sloppiness in the Sexy Wonderland Cat costume. Wherever there is pink faux fur attached, along the top and bottom of the dress, the sleeves of the shrug, the bottom of the arm warmers, and on the cat ear headband, there were strings and clumped up pieces of what I can only fairly positively assume was dried hot glue from a hot glue gun. This is so unnecessary, and pretty gross.

That being said, you are going to make sure you wash this costume before you wear it. It can be washed in cold water on the hand wash setting, or you can have it dry cleaned. You know, if you want to give the people who do your dry cleaning a good story.

I was really psyched to wear this costume for Halloween this year, that is until it arrived and I tried it on.

I have been fluctuating in size in the last few months. The last costume I had the chance to review, Bavarian Maiden Beer Girl Gretchen, was a size too small. This one is a size too big. Where is my happy middle? Whether I overcompensated for the fact that the last costume I received was so small or if this costume runs a size or a size and a half too big, I was practically swimming in it. Not cute, and definitely not a sexy sight to behold.

So I did the next best thing to really give this costume a fair shake in the reviewing department. I talked my boyfriend into putting it on for Halloween! It took about a day and a half of incessant nagging and begging and pleading, but I did it.

Allen Halloween 2011

He was having a lot more fun than it looks like in this picture, I promise.

Then he thought that making me dress up in his clothes would make up for him being dressed up as a “sexy Wonderland cat” and let me post pictures of him dressed up here and on my social media accounts. I think my dad might print it out from Facebook and present it to him come Christmastime.

Holly Halloween 2011

I just think I look cute.

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