Shelf Bras, a Summer Lingerie Must-Have

shelf bra Warm spring weather has finally–finally!–decided to stick around, and while it may not seem like it, considering just the other day I was complaining about snow flurries, the heat and humidity of summer is right around the corner. Of course, with summer months comes plunging necklines, low-cut tops, summer dresses, and all things revealing. Every summer, on several occasions, I whine and gripe about the not-so seamless, awkward, and uncomfortable fit of the array of bras I have that I can wear with my summer tops. I don’t have too many that function the way I need them to. Then I realized that in the world of womens underwear, there are more options available to us than the standard, straightforward bra and the strapless bra. In fact, we have an abundance of options; some of which we may not even know we have.

One of the best bras specifically for hot and humid weather is the shelf bra. This is a bra that sits very low on the chest so that your decolletage is left unobstructed. This makes it the ideal undergarment to accommodate even your lowest-cut clothing without the fear of it sticking out of the top of your neckline or having to worry if it is going to make a surprise appearance at some point during the day if your neckline plunges a little too low while you’re moving.

A valid concern with a bra that sits lower on your chest than most other bras, is that of support. Does less fabric mean less support? The answer is that when it comes to shelf bras, absolutely not. This type of bra is uniquely made with wide-set straps that run along the edge of your torso and fall on the outer edges of your shoulders. This offers an ample amount of support at the bottom of your chest with wide enough straps to make you feel contained, comfortable, and confident.

The shape and support of shelf bras are enough to make any woman with any bra size feel sexy and supported, which is why I think that they are a definite summer lingerie must-have. In fact, you will find a use for this type of bra all year round–whether it’s under a lower-cut top peaking out of a business blazer, or under a bombshell date night dress. No lingerie drawer is complete without at least one shelf bra.

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