Show Congress You’re Serious About Clean Energy and a Sustainable Future

climate legislation 40 years ago, twenty million Americans flooded the streets and demanded that leaders and Washington open their eyes to stress on our planet and demanded environmental accountability from them. Because of them, great progress has been made since that time, but we are still facing new challenges posed by climate change and our addiction on fossil fuels.

We find ourselves in a position to fundamentally change the way we innovate, produce and consume and we need the government to take that same foot-forward approach that they did when the green movement had just surged through the millions who felt passionate enough to make sure the government couldn’t say no.

On this 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Care2 and over 21,000 petitioners are calling upon leaders in Washington again to demand accountability from Congress. This Sunday, Americans will gather on the National Mall in Washington, DC for the Climate Rally and all the petition signatures will be displayed, showing the power behind our call for fair, ambitious and comprehensive climate legislation.

Join the 21,000 who have already signed the petition and sign your name to show Congress that we are all serious about clean energy and a sustainable future.

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