Sh*t Mom Bloggers Say

Mama Knows It All By now I am sure you have all seen at least one version of the “Shit People Say” video. This flurry of videos began in mid-December with Shit Girls Say, a hilarious and frighteningly accurate 1 minute and 19 seconds full of numerous quips that pretty much every woman alive is guilty of saying. The video quickly went viral and has since accumulated over 12 million views. That was just the beginning.

In the past month and a half, people everywhere took this idea of things certain types of people say and started creating their own videos. Some are based in observation, some from personal experience; some are in the name of awareness which lends to social justice activism (most notably, this happened with the Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls video), and some are merely a few minutes of someone indulging in poking a little fun at themselves and those who can relate to them. Late last week, I found one that sums up what I do here on Woman Tribune pretty accurately–Sh*t Mom Bloggers Say.

I have watched this video several times and I feel very confident in saying that it is impossible that it will get old any time soon. I also sent it to my partner who was very quick to point out some of the hilarious things he has seen me do in the name of blogging. Another great thing about this video is that it introduced me to Mama Knows It All. I began reading her blog very shortly after finding her video and as it turns out, she is pretty awesome, so you should definitely check her out–after you finish watching the video and laughing your ass off.

6 thoughts on “Sh*t Mom Bloggers Say”

  1. I have seen this video last week and I had a good chuckle. It’s funny how our children and significant others get so used to us doing it that eventually they stop noticing it and pointing it out all together….it’s part of having mom blogger,lol

  2. This video has truly been floating around =) It’s true though, we do catch ourselves saying some of those things a lot…

    I hate that I’ve become so predictable 😉

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