Silicone Rose Vibe Review

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Silicone Rose Vibe When I first saw the Silicone Rose Vibe, I thought it was nothing more than a cute novelty item. Reviews I had seen of this vibrator, combined with the fact that it was made by Evolved, the same manufacturer who put out the Serenity vibrator that I really loved for quite some time, until other, better, rabbit-style vibrators came into my possession, persuaded me to take a chance. Not to mention, it’s pretty perfect for Valentine’s Day and this rose won’t die in a few days.

The Silicone Rose Vibe is pretty straightforward in its appearance; the only insertable portion is the silicone red rosebud that tops the long, green stem and white plastic base. The entire vibrator is 11 inches in total length and at its widest point, where the rosebud tapers off towards the stem, measures at about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The green stem, also made of silicone, is very flexible and able to bend–and keep–whatever shape you twist it into. The white base is an elongated, tapered, bulb-like shape featuring ridges around its entirety. To place the two AAA batteries inside, you just twist the bottom of the base and it pops right off; place the batteries inside, twist the bottom of the base back on and you’re good to go. When fastened on correctly, the base is shut completely without room for water or lube to seep inside, making the Silicone Rose Vibe totally waterproof.

Silicone Rose Vibe Insertable options aren’t really the focus in which this vibrator was made; instead, it is meant to be pressed against the clit, labia, perineum, or balls, and release vibrations that span three different speeds–low, medium and high–and seven different vibration patterns. Due to the flexibility of the stem, this vibrator is supposed to be perfect for reaching between bodies and otherwise hard-to-reach areas during foreplay or sex with a partner. What I found most appealing about this toy was, of course, the non-advertised method of using it. For several minutes I was completely fascinated with the sort-of weird, just plain different (and not in a bad way) feeling the rosebud bulb felt when inserted. While it has slight textured detailing that makes up the “petals” of the rose that has yet to bloom, I couldn’t feel them when inserting or pressing it against my body. This toy obviously does not lend itself to be thrusted, but just the feeling of inserting and withdrawing the bulb was appealing; at least for a little while.

The intensity of the vibrations doled out by the Silicone Rose Vibe are, well, what you would expect from two AAA batteries. The lowest setting is downright laughable in its meager attempts to qualify as a vibration, the medium setting isn’t much better and the highest level of intensity is about what you come to expect from a very small bullet vibe, maybe. The vibrations are most intense within the rosebud, as that is where the motor is located; the vibrations do, however, spread down throughout the base, but just barely. Needless to say, pressing the rosebud against my clit and labia did very, very little, and for the prospect of sex with a partner, it mostly just gets in the way.

I would not say that the Silicone Rose Vibe is purely a novelty item; it ranks just a wee bit higher than that, and it ranks even higher if you’re one to enjoy subtle vibrations and mostly external stimulation. It does make a gift that isn’t as cliche as a bouquet of real flowers that wilt, drop petals everywhere and die, and its packaging already suggests that this toy be given as a gift, as it arrives with a small tag fastened on the top of the plastic packaging that when flipped over, tells you a little more about the toy.


I received the Silicone Rose Vibe for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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