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Simple Ways to Practice Self Care for a Balanced Life

In today’s world, millions of people have become increasingly cognizant of the role that self-care plays in helping them lead more progressive, powerful lives. One concept that remains integral to the principle of self-care is cultivating a balanced lifestyle. This type of lifestyle involves not getting too heavily involved in any one activity such that it promotes mental and physical instability. When you maintain a life marked by ongoing balance, you can avoid disease, maintain a positive mood, and keep your energy levels high. Below you’ll find just two of many strategies you can deploy to cultivate a balanced life:

Take Some “Me Time”

In today’s world, much time and attention is paid to the cultivation of healthy relationships and affirming social interactions. This makes sense given that the rise of things like social media and technology mean that people oftentimes spend extended periods of time alone or interact with others in a synthetic, image-based fashion. Yet, while maintaining healthy social interactions is important and advantageous, it’s also important to note that spending time alone is equally imperative.

Constantly being in the company of other people precludes individuals from attaining the level of self-awareness necessary to ensure that you can cultivate a lifestyle of balance. For example, always being around other individuals can precipitate a herd-like mentality which involves constantly identifying with the group rather than the self. The end result can be engaging in all types of social conformance and unhealthy behaviors that detract from your mental and physical equilibrium. (Examples include drinking, doing drugs, staying out late at night, eating junk food, and dating people just to be popular.) This is why spending time alone to journal or meditate is critical for success with the project of cultivating a balanced lifestyle. While alone, you’ll be able to get to know yourself so that you can make decisions that are conducive to your physical well-being and mental health.

Develop an Exercise Routine

If you’re really serious about cultivating a balanced life, make sure that you develop an exercise routine. This technique is empowering because it prevents the physical imbalances that can result from being sedentary for extended periods of time. Exercising regularly also decreases your susceptibility to various types of mental instabilities, one of which is depression. Note that exercise fights depression by ensuring a regular release of “feel good” chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin throughout the body. There are many ways that you can make exercise a regular, integral component of your lifestyle. One is purchasing home gym equipment from companies such as SmartSquat. Doing so is helpful if you like certain types of exercises or want a back-up plan in the event that the gym is closed or you can’t jog outside due to bad weather.


Cultivating a lifestyle of balance will make you a more productive, positive person. Utilize one or both of the techniques outlined above to bring more balance into your life now!

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