Simple Ways to Update Your Wardrobe for a Fabulous Spring Season

When it comes to seasonal fashion, I’d wager that spring is by far the most exciting. Spring fashion is bursting with color and exemplifies everything fresh and fun after a long, dreary winter. Spring is the time of re-birth and just as the flowers outside are beginning to show off their bright colors, you should take the hint and do the same.

While there are new fashion trends fashionistas everywhere strive to adhere to every season, spring fashion is full of staples that are always on the next year’s list of spring and summer fashion ‘do’s’, so you don’t have to worry about buying an outfit in a certain style or accessories in bold colors only to have them quickly go out of style and never return to the mainstream. Fashion repeats itself, and hot weather seasons have definite fashion staples. So here are some items you can add to your wardrobe for spring that you will also be able to wear throughout summer and still be on-trend for next year with little or no updating needed.

The Classic Sundress


Sundresses are immensely popular in the spring and summer every single year. They scream ‘freedom!’ after months of winter layers and they allow women to finally bare their legs and feel the sun on their skin. Sundresses can be dressed down with canvas sneaks or dressed up with heels or wedge sandals, which makes them incredibly versatile. As soon as spring starts to set in you will also see a lot of colorful espadrilles for women, which always look great with a simple sundress. Regardless of what colors or types of patterns you feel your best in, you will undoubtedly be able to find a great sundress that calls to your personal style.

Graphic Floral Prints

floral print skirt

Floral prints are everywhere this spring, and a great floral skirt can push you in the right direction of embracing beautiful, bold colors in both the blouse you pair it with and in your accessories.


metallic tank

Metallics aren’t just for nights spent on the town this season, they can also be fabulous additions to your everyday wardrobe. A metallic tank adds a lot of personality to a simple pair of white skinny jeans or it can be worn under your blazer on a day spent at the office. Because metallic garments speak volumes all on their ow, they do not need to be accessorized with more than a small necklace or fun statement ring.

Colored Denim

colored denim

We can all agree that dresses and skirts are a whole lot of fun, but the occasional dreary, rainy, or just plain chilly day exist in spring and for those days, you can’t go wrong with colored denim. Pair them with a tank, an over-sized t-shirt, a cardigan, or anything else your wild and crazy heart desires.

Orange, the Brighter the Better

orange sundress

I can’t guarantee that the bright orange trend will be back around next year, but for 2012, it is a powerful trend, what with Pantone announcing that “tangerine tango” is the 2012 color of the year and all. Have fun with bright orange either with a sundress in that color, or maybe try a pair of jeans and a bright orange tank, or wear the bold color on your feet with a pair of tangerine sandals.

What are some of your favorite spring fashion trends? Share them with us in the comments!

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