‘Skin’ Clothing Collection by Marisol Rodriguez Transforms with Your Body Through Pregnancy

Marisol Rodriguez Skin

Marisol Rodriguez’s Skin clothing collection has sent me through a wave of mixed reactions ever since I first stumbled upon it.

Her green Transform dress, which transforms with your body as you go through your pregnancy, is very innovative. It’s something I have never seen done before, especially not in such a literal way, and it certainly racks up bonus points as taking an idea and bringing it to its execution in a very different way. It’s also a little ugly and not something I think I would be crazy about wearing out of the house.

The green dress, which is said to explore traditional Asian origami and simple methods of cutting and folding, begins as a very boring dress that hangs loosely on the body with its four slices in the material at the belly being very apparent. As your belly begins to get bigger, the center of the dress unfolds, showing light green stripes of color.

The Transform dress from the Skin collection is definitely a piece that will either be loved or hated by those who experience it. What do you think? Would you wear this origami-inspired, conceptual maternity dress?

2 thoughts on “‘Skin’ Clothing Collection by Marisol Rodriguez Transforms with Your Body Through Pregnancy”

  1. That is a really good idea. Yes I agree about getting walmart behind it. It would be great for young mothers that are just starting their family. You could even wear it between pregnancies.

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