Are You Sleep Deprived? 5 Tips for Consistent Restful Sleep

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  1. Thanks for the coupon! I’m a vegetarian and have been looking for a vegetarian alternative. Too many of them are in gel caps with gelatin.

  2. Elizabeth O. says:

    I used to have an issue with my sleep. I can’t seem to get enough hours in. There were times wherein I’d sleep for 2-4 hours at night and that’s it. These days I make sure I follow a schedule so I can get enough sleep.

  3. angie says:

    sleep deprivation is something that I live with daily. As a nurses aide I never know when I will be called in. In addition I am a mother of 6 children all of which are grown and I have 3 grandchildren I help raise 2 of them. Love your tips but the thing is I have to find the time to sleep in my busy life . I am going to try your tips numbe 1 sounds great
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  4. Amanda says:

    I am most definitely very sleep deprived! I love Natrol!

  5. When I read your title I was like who needs a tip – just use drugs, but then you had Melatonin, it boarders on magical.

  6. Laurie says:

    My sleep is very messed up. I wish I could put your tips and suggestions to good use. I have an 8 month old so until she sleeps through the night I can’t really do much to improve things.

  7. Heather says:

    Great tips! I have not had much luck with melatonin I just need to get to bed earlier but my husband is a night person!

  8. I need to try some sleep supplements. It’s midnight and as is usual for me, I can’t sleep.

  9. Clara says:

    Melatonin is my supplement of choice when I have insomnia. It really does work well.

  10. Eugenia says:

    Thanks for suggestions! I didn’t know about Natrol melatonin benefits, seems like a great product that helps sleep better through the night! Thanks for the coupon!

  11. Rosey says:

    I’m not really sleep deprived. My sleep hours are unusual though.

  12. I have to start powering down electronics before bed. Maybe replace it with a good old fashioned paper book!

  13. Lawrence says:

    For my insomniac like evenings, I’ll turn stuff off and have a shot of something good and I’m sleep. Turning off the stuff does work!

  14. It is easier said than done but I too struggle to switch off and am often still doing work at 2 in the morning which I should not be doing!

  15. Maybe I should drink less caffeine before bed. Great tips!

  16. Molly Kumar says:

    I so agree with a Sleep Routine & Keep gadgets out of reach. Great Tips!

  17. Randi says:

    Sleep is so important! I am glad you shared…my family and I try to set firm routines especially for the kids to keep everyone rested now that they aren’t as young.

  18. CourtneyLynne says:

    Ughhh I’m definitely someone who suffers from not enough sleep!!!! I take cherry juice “shots” every night and it helps a lot.

  19. These are all great tips to get a restful sleep. I will share this with my husband and my mom who is having difficulty sleeping. If I could only give them a fraction of my sleepiness, I would! Maybe they could start off with having a bedtime routine.

  20. Michele says:

    I may or may not be sleep deprived. If left to my own devices I am not. However it is my cat who decides when I sleep and when I wake up and as a result I end up napping along with her during the day at times.

  21. Liz Mays says:

    I do have a consistent bedtime routine but I have trouble staying away from the gadgets. I really need to work on that!

  22. Carrie says:

    These are some great tips! I utilize essential oils to help me relax and get ready for bed. The biggest challenge is putting my phone up.

  23. Maggie says:

    HMMMMM its the gadgets that gets me all the time, or I get stuck into a good book and lose all track of time and before I know it is 1am or more…

    Great tips thanks for sharing.

  24. Neely Moldovan says:

    I am fairly certain I am always sleep deprived

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