Sliquid Oceanics Lubricant Review

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Sliquid Oceanics One of the first positive lubricant experiences I ever had was when trying out Sliquid Organics Silk. Regardless of what I used it with, whether it was during sex, masturbation, or with any toy I pulled out of my collection, it lasted a good, long time without ever becoming the sticky, irritating mess that came with a lot of other lubes I had tried before. I expected about the same level of performance from the other Sliquid lubricants, and then I received Sliquid Oceanics.

Sliquid Oceanics sounds like a dream lubricant when you read its list of positive attributes. It is a body-safe, vegan-formulated, water-based lube that is glycerin and paraben-free, making it a completely safe substance to use when you need it, without having to worry that your body may revolt against you, surprising you with an infection or rash when you wake up the next day. I have been known to develop some pretty angry urinary tract infections after any change in something as small and seemingly insignificant as soap, so when it comes to lube, body-safe formulas are key, especially if they are vegan and therefore all-natural. Sliquid Oceanics also contains certified botanical extracts that aid in the supporting and healing of the body, including aloe, green tea, sunflower seed, hibiscus, flax, and alfalfa. Perhaps most impressive is the addition of carrageenan, an ingredient that after sufficient lab testing, has been seen to help prevent the spread of HPV, the Human papillomavirus.

HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections; so common that about half of all men and more than 3 out of 4 women have HPV at some point in their lives. Although most HPV infections have no harmful effect at all and go away within 8 to 13 months, some types have the ability to lead to cervical cancer and other genital and throat cancers. A lube containing an ingredient that has been seen to help prevent the spread of this infection? Yes, please.

For how downright impressive Sliquid Oceanics is on-paper, so to speak, I was less than thrilled with its actual performance.

The first time I used Sliquid Oceanics, it was with the Beyond 1 g-spot vibrator, then again (and again and again) with the LELO Ina rabbit-style vibrator. Each time, the Sliquid Oceanics lube got sticky and just about dried up completely within 15 minutes, if that. Both the Beyond 1 and Ina are made of silicone, which if you have even more than a handful of toys, you know is one of the best materials to have your toys made of. But I moved onto other materials and had my partner use Sliquid Oceanics with his Fleshlight. He had very much the same experience. Now I don’t know how long it takes the “average” person to climax, but when I use toys, it takes a considerable amount of time longer than when I’m having sex with someone. I used this lubricant with my partner and after about the same amount of time, it began to feel sticky just like it had before. The sensations weren’t as uncomfortable as they were when it had begun to get sticky when I was using my toys, but the stickiness factor was indeed there.

The experiences that I had with Sliquid Oceanics were really surprising, especially considering how much I really liked the first and only other Sliquid product I had tried before this one. Now, Sliquid Oceanics has been put to use only when I use toys that function solely as clitoral stimulators when I want a nice, slippery surface. For this purpose, it has worked quite well, but it is definitely a shame that it hasn’t worked as well for all of the other ways I could put it to use.


I received Sliquid Oceanics lubricant for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks for the review Holly. I’ve used Sliquid lubes in the past too, and find them to be great as far as ingredients, but so/so when it comes to performance. Have you ever checked out Hathor? It has a lot of the same stuff going for it, but I find it stays slippery longer than most water-based varieties.

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