Smartphone Apps for the Busy Businesswoman

This is a guest post by Gabrielle Green of TipsOnHowToSaveMoney.

A Day in Life I finally got an iPhone about a year ago (I’m always late to the party) but I still haven’t been able to break up with my BlackBerry. So that means that I essentially carry around two phones because I love different things about each device.

I was considering switching solely to the iPhone, but I started getting cold feet and the BlackBerry 10 pricing and updated features grabbed my attention. So guess who now owns a new BlackBerry 10 and an iPhone?

My complicated mobile device relationship isn’t going to be resolved anytime soon and I’ve come to terms with that. Below is what I like about the new BB and what apps I’m using.

BlackBerry Apps for the Busy Businesswoman

My goal in business has always been to be more productive. Gone are the days of being chained to my desk or smacking myself in the head for forgetting to grab a file I needed to print or have on-hand. If you set your smartphone up with the right apps, working on the go is easy; and most importantly, efficient. In a world that has gone mobile, it seems to be that the standard, regular things are what often go overlooked. Here are some apps that help with that.

A Day in Life: As a writer and blogger, I’m always reading other blogs and news sites. I find this app particularly useful because I can store new blog ideas, memories, notes, and more. But more importantly, I like that I can easily store this information on my phone so that my ideas aren’t lost because I didn’t take the time to jot them down while I was busy running errands or working on something else.

Business Cards for BlackBerry 10: Let me be honest–I’m disorganized and I’m known to misplace papers and folders quite frequently. Naturally, that also means misplacing business cards. This app lets you take a photo of a business card and keeps a virtual copy so you never lose or misplace it.

Hide Files: This app hides any confidential files or directories on your phone that you don’t want in plain sight so you don’t have the fear of losing privacy but always have your personal and/or business documents with you. I’ve found this especially helpful while I’m going through the process of selling my home. The bank requests new documents almost daily and I don’t like keeping them where anyone can view them.

Print My Files: You can easily print single or multiple files from your BlackBerry 10 by using the device Wi-Fi that sends the files to your PC to initiate printing.

One of the reasons I started veering from the BlackBerry was the lack of apps available in comparison to the iPhone. There are now several more apps than there were before. Gizmodo recently wrote a post about some companies that have no planned intention to be available for the BlackBerry, which includes Kindle, Instagram, and Netflix–three of the companies on the list that most notably are missed, but not enough to dissuade me from sticking with BlackBerry for now.

What apps do you use for your business that I missed? Share them in the comments! Remember, being in business isn’t about reinventing the wheel as much as it is about making it work for you.

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