Snow Day! 15 Movies to Watch When You’re Snowed In

Snow Day
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  1. Some interesting choices!

    I am a fan of “Fargo.” I thought it was brilliant.

    “The Shining” I won’t watch. I’ve read the book, but I ain’t watching it. 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    Good list! I have seen almost all of these, but now it is time to re-watch with the kids, some might have to wait til they are a little older though.

  3. Pamela R says:

    nice list–we just watched Valentines Day and New Years Eve back to back — I think with all the snow out side I’d much rather watch Point Break or Grease =^D

  4. Nicole says:

    OK, that picture of Hot Tub Time Machine just made me laugh out loud. The whole thing is ridiculous, but sometimes that is exactly what you need!

  5. Erinn S says:

    My husband and I were craving movie from the 80’s as we watched and had our boys watch the Goonies-they loved it!

  6. Sigh..I never got the chance to finish Edward Scissorhands. And this is just great list! most them I have been meaning to watch. Now I must find time with your add ons!

  7. Brooke Bielen says:

    If you’re snowed in, The Shining probably isn’t your best choice, unless you like being freaked out w/nowhere to go. lol

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