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So You’re Ready to Start a Family: 3 Steps to Set the Stage for Conception

Deciding to start a family, or add a new bundle of joy to your already bustling brood, is a truly unique process. No one arrives at the destination of ‘Parenthood’ in exactly the same way. For some, it isn’t even a question — having a family is something that they had always envisioned for their lives; for others, it can be a little more complicated. Whether you’ve always wanted to be a mom and now is the time to try and make your dreams a reality, or baby fever snuck up on you with age, deciding to get pregnant and bring a baby into the world is life-changing, and so is making the adjustment to ready your body for pregnancy.

Some would like you to believe that getting pregnant is as easy as getting busy as usual and realizing your period is late the following month, and once you’ve started telling people that you’re trying to get pregnant these stories and anecdotes will only multiply. But for women who have been trying to conceive for months or even years, this is literally the last thing they want to hear. Trying to conceive can be time-consuming and stressful, so before you begin trying for that new family member, here are three steps to setting the stage for conception. We hope they help on your journey to becoming a new parent.

Get Healthy

A healthy body is ideal for a healthy pregnancy, so make sure you are taking care of your overall health and wellness.

  • Get 8 hours of restful sleep every night.
  • Eat healthy, well-balanced meals that contain enough key nutrients — zinc, folic acid, calcium, and vitamins C and D.
  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, even if it’s just a walk around your neighborhood.
  • Reduce your stress — we know, this one can be particularly difficult, but it is possible! Getting enough sleep and regular exercise will naturally reduce your stress levels, but also try taking an hour a day just for yourself and do something you enjoy, cut down your self-imposed to-do list (we all have them), try not to take on new projects that you know will result in a bundle of nerves, and avoid hotly debated topics and conversations, especially online, for starters.
  • Schedule an appointment with your primary physician for an overall wellness checkup, especially if you have not had a checkup in the last year.
  • Schedule another appointment with your gynecologist for a women’s health checkup, and let them know that you are actively trying to conceive. They may have tips for increasing your chances, or if you are having trouble conceiving, they can point you in the right direction as to when and how to seek fertility testing.

Know Your Cycle

Any woman who is trying to get pregnant should be aware of her body and menstrual cycle. Not every woman has the classic 28-day cycle, and when trying to conceive, timing is everything. Knowing when you menstruate, ovulate, and any history of deviations in your cycle will help considerably in knowing when you can get pregnant.

If you don’t already, you should start tracking your menstrual cycle for at least three months before trying to conceive. This will give you a solid foundation of knowing when your most fertile time of the month is. For a foolproof way to track your cycle, try apps!

There are countless — seriously, countless! — period, ovulation, and fertility tracker apps out there. We have found some of the highest-rated for both Apple and Android to get you started:

  • Lily: A personal, private period and cycle tracker, and fertility and ovulation calculator [Available for Apple]
  • Ovia Fertility: Ovulation and period tracker [Available for Apple]
  • My Days: Period and ovulation tracker [Available for Apple and Android]
  • Period Calendar: Menstrual cycle and ovulation tracker [Available for Android]
  • OvuView: Ovulation and fertility tracker [Available for Android]

Have Fun

Connecting with your spouse or partner is supposed to be fun, but it’s common to lose sight of that when you’ve been trying to conceive for more than a few months. When you become frustrated and stressed, it’s easy to start treating getting pregnant like a job; not only that, but a job you’re failing miserably at. It can also put added stress on your partner and begin eating away at your relationship.

When you sense you’re going down this slippery slope, take a step back and remember that this is supposed to be a happy time. You and your partner are on this journey together, and truly connecting with one another, emotionally as well as physically, should be priority number one. Give yourself permission to relax and have fun together. Go out on a date night, or stay home and make a romantic meal together and surprise your partner with lingerie they may have not seen in a while. It’s these little things that foster a happy, healthy, and loving relationship — and makes for great parents. Plus, leaving your stress at the door will help your overall health and wellness like we talked about earlier. It’s a win/win for everyone, really!

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