Soxfords Hooray for Boobies socks giveaway

Soxfords ‘Hooray for Boobies’ Socks Benefit Breast Cancer Research and Awareness — Giveaway [Closed]


October is, as most of us know, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Like years past, brands, companies, networks, and people alike are going pink in an effort to have authentic conversations, raise awareness, and crowdsource for a cause.

Soxfords is a unique sock company all about big personalities and embracing the quirk. They “toe the line” (puns!) between fun and fashion, creating socks with colorful styles while still maintaining a level of class and professionalism. For the month of October, they have launched a brand new style as part of their “Signature” series to benefit breast cancer research and awareness.

Soxfords’ limited edition “Hooray for Boobies” socks are whimsical, eccentric, and a fun way to display your ‘FU cancer’ activism.

Soxfords Hooray for Boobies socks

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Carefully crafted in Colombia out of a Peruvian Pima cotton blend, these socks are incredibly soft with just the right amount of thickness to keep your toes warm and cozy throughout the fall. And, while it really goes without saying because just look at them, they are awesome. Who wouldn’t want a pair of socks adorned with boobies? What a conversation starter!

For each pair of “Hooray for Boobies” socks sold, Soxfords is donating $5 towards breast cancer research and awareness efforts. These donations will go directly to benefit various national breast cancer research and health advocacy organizations through Susan G. Komen®.

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Each pair of Soxfords “Hooray for Boobies” socks retail for $25, but you can score them now for $20 as part of their pre-order sale. Shop quick, though, because these socks are set to ship October 15.

Soxfords + 1% for Humanity

One Percent for Humanity

Soxfords was created with an emphasis on quality and community engagement. Their limited edition socks benefiting breast cancer non-profits aren’t the only way they are giving back. Soxfords is a partner of 1% for Humanity, a movement of individuals and businesses committed to giving at least 1% of their gross income to fight extreme poverty and injustice. Donations made to 1% for Humanity go where they are needed most around the world.

Soxfords ‘Hooray for Boobies’ Socks Giveaway

Soxfords Hooray for Boobies socks giveaway

According to Soxfords, socks are one of the little things in life that can put a smile on our face and a spring in our step. We are inclined to agree, and because of that, we are giving one lucky reader a pair of Soxfords limited edition “Hooray for Boobies” socks.

This giveaway is open to US entrants ages 18+ and will end October 15 at 12:00am ET.

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This giveaway was made possible by Soxfords. No incentive was provided and opinions are my own.

49 thoughts on “Soxfords ‘Hooray for Boobies’ Socks Benefit Breast Cancer Research and Awareness — Giveaway [Closed]”

  1. These are awesoem and would raise many questions allowing for the opportunity to discuss breast cancer awareness!

  2. I’m helping my roller derby team raise funds to support this important awareness emphasis! I am also working with my university to have a special sporting event as well!

      1. Here are some additional details about the Killamazoo Derby Darlins 2nd Annual Breast Bout Ever!, Holly. The event coordinator is a survivor named Slamador Dali. My home team, the Fort Wayne Derby Girls also host an annual auction where they have local artists make plaster casts of their boobs – it is called Bust A Move. This year marks my 10th year as a roller derby fan and volunteer – I love it! 🙂

  3. OMG How cute are these and for such a great cause! I try to help any way I can with Breast Cancer awareness / research as it runs in my family and who knows, hopefully not, but I may be the one needing the help someday!

  4. Hi Holly!
    This is great! Love the socks- super fun! What a great way to raise awareness for breast cancer! Also thanks for the fun giveaway! I just entered! Also happy to share some Sverve love with you! Thanks again!

    1. Thank you so much for endorsing us on Sverve. That is super sweet of you. It is very much appreciated. Thanks for entering the giveaway as well!

  5. These are awesome and they’re for such a great cause! I make sure to wear lot’s of pink and remind my girlfriends to get checked.

  6. These are for a really great cause, I donate every time I check out (for the most part) at WALGREEN’S because they are donating to Susan G Komen for the month of October, it is always the $1, but it always adds up!

  7. I think the socks are really fun and a great conversation starter. I’ll be raising awareness by talking with friends and family about the importance of self-checks.

  8. These socks are amazing! I had the opportunity through work to meet so many amazing cancer survivors. Every October, I’m reminded to spread the word about breast exams. So important.

  9. I think the Soxfords’ “Hooray for Boobies” Limited Edition Socks are so fun and a conversation starter, for sure. I also plan on raising awareness about breast cancer throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing my pink pin and donating at our local grocery store.

  10. I think they’re great. a little graphic just t promote awareness though. I posted a mammogram reminder on facebook

  11. I think the socks are pretty rad and I’m going to be volunteering in a Breast Cancer Walk in my community in two weeks!

  12. I absolutely love the socks. I have a really good friend who is a breast cancer survivor so Breast Cancer Awareness is very important to me. I attend a lot of walks and raise money for breast cancer, not just in October, but throughout the year.

  13. I think it is great! I used to work for a company that made Breast Cancer awareness one of their main causes and they always raised quite a lot of money we would even do bake sales to add to it

  14. i think the socks are super cute !! i have donated to the susan g kolman fund, i couple years ago i had a lump but no insurance so they paid for me to get checked out… things turned out great for me, but there awesome and willing to help anyone

  15. I love these socks and I love the campaign I only with they were made in the USA and not in Columbia. I am going to wear pink this month to spread awareness.

  16. I recently danced at a benefit concert to raise money for breast cancer research. The dance was about treating your body right and loving your body.

  17. I just love these! I love themed socks and this is for one of the best causes…plus who doesnt like boobs? I would wear them all month to celebrate!

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