Soy Spacasso Organic Soy Based Nail Lacquer Review

Soy Spacasso organic soy based nail lacquer

I was first introduced to the Soy Spacasso brand of body and beauty products in the summer of 2009, and soon after I had the opportunity to review their foaming body scrub and body whip, which I absolutely, utterly adored. Since then, I have kept up with Soy Spacasso, always interested in what new products were being added to the line and what new scents were being developed for the already existing products, and I have found myself lucky enough to call the woman behind Soy Spacasso, Maria Murphy, a friend. She is not only great at what she does, but she is also a genuinely thoughtful and kind woman. This is the kind of business, a woman doing what she loves to so and making a living off of it, is what I love to see and feel an ethical obligation to support.

I am a reformed nail-biter and have developed an interest bordering on unhealthy obsession with nail polishes and products, so when I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of Soy Spcasso’s most recently added products, Organic Soy Based Nail Lacquer, I most certainly jumped at the chance.

Soy Spacasso currently has 17 different shades of nail lacquer. I chose Sexy Black Onyx, a straightforward, pitch black color with just a hint of shine. I was also sent the Soy Spacasso base and top coat to use with it. All Soy Spacasso nail lacquers are created 3-Free, meaning they do not contain the Toxic Trio of chemicals: Toluene, Formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. There is absolutely no animal testing with any of their products, and instead of the commonly-used metal ball bearing as the mixing ball in most nail polishes, Soy Spacasso uses a natural stone from the earth in each of their 7.5 ml bottles.

When I first saw these bottles, I thought they were small. Extremely small; maybe even too small. 7.5 ml is not enough to even constitute a small bottle, but my Sexy Black Onyx has lasted well over the course of the past few months and has been used more than a handful of times. It doesn’t take a lot to get the job done with this nail color.

Unfortunately, the batch of lacquer my bottle was from had some issues with being thick and chunky, which made applying the lacquer difficult, messy, and not worth the effort. Before I even had time to email about this, however, I received a message from Maria Murphy explaining the issue and how to fix it. Hello, incredible customer service! By adding just a few drops of nail polish remover to my bottle, the consistently thinned out and I was then able to apply it as I normally would to my nails.

The product description of Soy Spacasso’s Organic Soy Based Nail Lacquer claims that the formula “provides a very durable, long-lasting, chip resistant” finish, and I don’t know if it was because of the issues with the batch I received, but that wasn’t my experience with it in the least. On my fingernails, the Sexy Black Onyx color lasts on average about three days, and up to five days at most before it starts to chip off, but instead of just gradually flaking away, the lacquer itself peels off of my fingernail, taking the majority of the color on my nail right off. This is bizarre and something I have never had happen before with other nail color. When used on my toenails, the lacquer lasted drastically longer, probably because compared to fingers, toes are lazy and just hang around looking pretty and colorful and that’s about it. A pedicure with Sexy Black Onyx lasted a little over a week with minor chips here and there before most of the color had either chipped or peeled off.

While I didn’t have a totally positive experience with Soy Spacasso’s Organic Soy Based Nail Lacquer, it’s important to keep in mind that this stuff is made by the woman who sells it. No mass production is happening behind the scenes and there are bound to be inconsistencies within products when they are created by hand. It happens. Keeping this in mind has actually made me curious about the batches of nail lacquer that have come after the batch that I received, especially because the Soy Spacasso Base and Top Coat is awesome and works wonderfully; in fact, it has been my go-to top coat and it dries completely in less than a minute.

Soy Spacasso’s Organic Soy Based Nail Lacquer sells for $6.50 each, 2 for $10, or 3 for $12 and are available on the Soy Spacasso website.

I received Soy Spacasso Organic Soy Based Nail Lacquer for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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  1. Holly, thank you so much for a fair and accurate review!

    Jamie and Alexis Thank you for your support!

    You will all be please to know that I have indeed by trail and error nailed it and now the SOY SPACASSO organic soy nail lacquer formula has been perfected for awesome perfocmance and available in several colors!

    Thank you again for all your support and I hope that you will try out the ONLY Organic Soy Nail Lacquer in the world!


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