Spring Clean to the Fullest with Greased Lightning Super Strength — Review and Giveaway [Closed]

Greased Lightning Spring cleaning involves some of the toughest, messiest jobs around the home, outdoor spaces, garage, and even the car, that many of us will do all year long. Synonymous with dust, grime, and all the extra elbow grease we can muster, spring cleaning calls for a serious household cleaner.

Since 1985, Greased Lightning has been a trusted cleaner in households across America. Designed to provide superior cleaning and de-greasing power, Greased Lightning is a versatile household cleaner that can be used throughout your home to tackle tough jobs and everyday messes alike, eliminating the need to buy several cleaners for different areas of the home.

The Greased Lightning flagship Super Strength product is recognized for its superior grease-fighting power around the garage and grill, but it is also ideally suited for everyday cleaning jobs throughout the whole house. Its versatility makes Greased Lightning Super Strength practically a dream spring cleaning product, which I was recently able to try out against some of the biggest messes in my house.

Greased Lightning Super Strength is an incredibly powerful formula and it does contain chemicals including glycol ether, surfactants, and alkaline builders. The label contains safety and precautionary statements that warn against mixing Super Strength with chlorine bleach, ammonia, or other chemicals, as hazardous gases may result, as well as proper directions for how to use this cleaner in your home, recommended with the use of rubber gloves. To be honest, the obvious harshness of the chemicals in Super Strength and the safety language taking up nearly the entire small print portion of the label put me off. I have two extremely beloved cats who have their run of the house and two young stepdaughters who are here often, so when a household cleaner label recommends that I wear rubber gloves when using their product, I think about all of the surfaces in my house that have paws and little fingers all over them (read: all of them.) So when I did clean with Greased Lightning Super Strength, I poured a small amount of the cleaner into a basin and diluted it, making the solution between 50 to 75% water, adjusting it to be more or less concentrated depending on the amount of grime or dirt I was competing with, and using a designated cloth only to be used with this product.

Greased Lightning Super Strength has been awesome in cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen in my home. In the bathroom, I used it to clean the toilet, using my Super Strength and water solution and a bristled brush to wipe away lines, and it cleared soap scum in the shower away completely with surprisingly little effort. It has also been used on our sinks to clear away toothpaste residue, as well as on our tile floors. In the kitchen, Greased Lightning Super Strength’s de-greasing ability easily fought through grease splatters that had built up on the back splash of our oven and on the stove top and microwave. It was also used on our kitchen sink, counter tops, and on the surface of the refrigerator and dishwasher that can easily get marked up with fingerprints and other residue in no time at all. While I predominantly used Super Strength in these two rooms, it can also be used to clean baseboards throughout the entire house, plastic blinds and accessories, all room fixtures including doorknobs and light switches, all floors including carpets, and it’s even a stain-fighter. Greased Lightning has got versatility and multi-purpose down.

Greased Lightning family of products–Super Strength, Orange Blast, Auto & Shop, and Multi-Purpose–are available at retailers nationwide, including grocery and mass retailers, dollar, DIY, and hardware stores.


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Spring cleaning is tough enough as it is and I want to help make it easier for one lucky Woman Tribune reader who will win a coupon for a free 32 oz. or 42 oz. bottle of the Greased Lightning product of their choice. To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below.

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I received samples of Greased Lightning Super Strength for review and the opportunity to host this giveaway. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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  1. Ok Thats Great.. Thanks Your information is very informative for me. According to my ideas some way to clean any place. Some company provide a best service to clean a home,restaurent,Pub,Offices etc..The busiest spot in your house, the bathroom is the place every guest visits.

  2. I have painters blue tape on my front door’s window panes which I CANNOT get off… nothing has worked. I’d love to see if this would help.

  3. My kitchen floor! My husband’s scooter tracks in dirt and grime and it grinds into the linoleum. Hopefully this product will “erase” all those marks!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

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