How to Start Your Own Hydroponic Herb Garden

Spring is definitely a time where we start to rely on slow cookers and comfort food less and less and start implementing more fresh vegetables into our diets; it seems like as soon as we start seeing nature getting back its green, we start getting it back on our plates as well. But fresh produce can become a little costly, especially if you’re looking for organically-grown goods and don’t have a local fresh farmer’s market in town.

More and more people are starting their own gardens for the convenience of not having to run to the grocery store every few days and the peace of mind in knowing that there were no hard, damaging chemicals used on their produce. But we don’t all have big yards with perfect gardening space; as a woman who is living the apartment life, I know that sometimes, we don’t even have yard at all. So when I stumbled upon this awesome video from Becky Stern for Craftzine on how to set up your own hydroponic herb garden.

hydroponic herb garden

Above is an in-process picture of Becky setting up her hydroponic herb garden. A DIY system is the best way to go about starting your own hydroponic herb garden, especially if you’re a complete beginner. In the video, Becky used the Rainforest 318 system made by General Hydroponics.

In all, you will need:

  • A light-tight container
  • Nutrient solution
  • A water pump and tubing (available at most pet stores)
  • Small plant-sized containers
  • Expanded clay pebbles or other growing medium

Head on over to Craftzine for the complete how-to.

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