Sundays are for Sharing: Homosexuality on the Disney Channel, Getting Happy & More

Sundays are for Sharing is back!

Fellow bloggers, I want to support you in what you’re doing! Every week I round up some of my favorite blog posts from the week and invite other bloggers to share their work and spread the word.

Sundays are for Sharing February 9

  • Good Luck Charlie introduced a lesbian couple to their cast for the remainder of their last season on air. It is a move that ruffled some feathers, but ultimately received a lot of praise, with viewers noting that families are made up of all kinds of people, and the Disney Channel show featuring those families harms no one. — Slap Dash Mom
  • The Frugalette spent an entire year writing weekly posts about how to get happy for free, which ultimately led to her leaving her blog behind and pursuing her true passions. — The Frugalette
  • If you’re a blogger, you know that blogger burnout is real, and it is terrible. Make a note of these tips on how to blog consistently all year long. — Kludgy Mom
  • If you do succeed in blogging consistently, sometimes your brain is just fried. So here are 11 blog post ideas for when you have absolutely no idea what to write about. — Money Saving Mom
  • Writing about controversial topics¬†doesn’t have to be such a slippery slope. It just matters how you do it. If you have style and grace, and are passionate about what you are writing about, you have nothing to fear. — The SITS Girls
  • If you have a lot of extra hair (on your head) and want to do some good in the world, donate it! — Wondermom Wannabe
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7 thoughts on “Sundays are for Sharing: Homosexuality on the Disney Channel, Getting Happy & More

  1. Mostly this week I have been reading and writing up the reviews. A couple of posts grabbed my attention as I scrolled down bloglovin’ which I commented on.

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